Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hike to Sokeh's Ridge (Pohndollap)

There are 2 types of hiking to Sokeh's island, one is a moderate 1.5 hours not include the exploring and one is strenuous. Since we are new to this hiking club so yeah we choose to do the moderate ridge of course :).

Here is what Emily said on the hiking club blog: The ridge is a very convenient hike for people in Kolonia. It's walkable from anywhere in town and offers both a good workout and a good view. You'll walk along a paved road, then along a dirt road, and come to a first scenic overlook. This is a good place to stop if you're looking for a very easy trip, but if you continue up up up you'll have even better views.

Following the steep section after the first overlook, the trail will head to your right, becoming very flat for a while. If you walk straight past a small building instead of following the trail to the right, there are at least two WWII-era guns and bunkers to visit. Following the trail will lead you to a final steep push, at the end of which you'll find a weather station platform and a nice view of Kolonia town and the airport.

Up until the first overlook is an easy hike, and yes the view is amazing. This is what I see:

The photos above taken on almost twilight, hence the color.

After the first overlook the pathway is getting steep and steeper but not very long so it was ok for me and it was a good workout. We explored the World War 2 Japanese guns and bunkers.

 Japanese bunker

 Japanese gun

  Japanese gun

  Japanese gun

And the we follow the trail all the way to ridge and OMG the view is amazing. It all worth it.

The wave on the left side is Palikir Pass, famous surfing spot in Pohnpei. Even Kelly Slater comes for the wave!

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