Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My First Halloween Party

Since Halloween is not a big thing in Indonesia and Australia so I never went to one, I guess recently people in Jakarta are celebrating Halloween holiday just like in America as I saw some of my friends Halloween photos in facebook.

We were excited to finally experience Halloween holiday in Pohnpei, although it was a bit of challenge to find the costumes that we want. We went to Super Savers on Thursday to look for costume but no luck, so we settle with what we have in our wardrobe.

Me in school girl outfit

And Sam in a sort of Indonesian costume

But I was impressed with the turn up on the party because they were so creative and amazingly they managed to get it done in a small island like Pohnpei, well done guys.

 4 photos above taken from  A. Delyla collection

Btw, I won the sexiest outfit and got Port wine from Wayne and Rusty's Anchor. I don't think the decision is 100% correct as there is other school girl that was wayyyyy sexier than me ;)


Ivy said...

Like they say....Beauty lies in the eye of beholder...maybe to u, that girl is way sexier but others see it differently, ky. U look very cute in the school girl outfit :D

Unknown said...

@ Ivy: hehe thanks dear, I had to borrowed Sam's white shirt as mine doesn't suit the school girl outfit :)

dian said...

mr husband as pemuda mesjid for a supposedly-scary-haloween costume party.. LOL, that's original, the idea, i mean...
you look great, btw
thank's for stopping by