Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Let's do some serious gardening

I have been posted about my veggie garden in Pohnpei,  I was inspired by Huyen's veggie garden at the US residence compound so here is my effort to do more serious gardening.

Oh did I tell you about the bleach effect? Yup, this is what happened with my beans :((

Brocolli and one healthy looking Lettuce



Not sure what happened, but some of my lettuce on the green pots are looking sad. I tried to put it inside maybe because outside is too hot but it still look sad, so I decided to put it back outside. Because if you see above, one lettuce looking really healthy eventhough it grows right next to the brocolli.

My sad looking lettuce


I plant more seeds, cross my finger it will grow beautifully.

Wish me luck people!


Anonymous said...


Good luck! I am coming to Pohnpei in march, and as my husband and i are vegetarians, we were hoping to grow some vegetables.
Was it hard to get seeds?
Are there any rules about growing vegetables?

I hope it works out for you!

Unknown said...

Hi Keira,

I recommend you to bring seeds from home as the seeds here are very limited, but bring seeds to be grow on warm/hot weather.

You will need to get the potting mix but it will depend on where you live bcos where I live surrounding by rocks so we have to buy the potting mix.

There are local produce like eggplant, taro/yam, kangkoong/ morning glory, local bakchoy, banana, papaya, lime, breadfruit and okra, other than that are imported depends on the shipment coming every 2 weeks. That's why I grow lettuce.

How long are you going to be in Pohnpei?

Keira said...

I'll be there for about 3 months, I think, in Kolonia, so not long enough for a big garden, but hopefully long enough to grow some little baby greens.

We hope to bring some seeds in, but have to ask the customs/quarantine department for permission first.