Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My first harvest

My veggie garden is not the spectacular ones like some of the garden in Pohnpei, after seeing two awesome veggie gardens at the US residence compound I feel ashame about my veggie garden which just contain of  eight pots and two small patch gardens.

But anyhow I just harvest my first beans last week, well it actually force harvest because the trees look dying from the bleach's smell the workers used to clean up the outside part of the house.

not bad from just one tree eh

Just one lettuce looks promising and the rest look sad, it won't grow tall I don't know why. But my brocolli, capsicum, parsley and mint look promising. I try to grow more basil by cut the stem and grow it in different places. And since I got more seeds from Louise so I have decided to be more serious in gardening, I just need to get more pots or maybe even utilize available patches and spots around the house.

Wish me luck.


BabyBeluga said...

Yea for you. I love fresh green beans, those that you grow yourself will definitely taste better. We are heading into Winter now. I really can't wait for Spring. I am planning to plant a lot of green bell peppers, tomatoes, mint and basils. Last summer I planted a tomato plant in a pot, the rest 11 or so, I planted at our land. And those planted on direct soil grew better than the one in a pot.

Unknown said...

I can't wait do harvest some more, but I don't think it will happen soon as the plants are still small.

It's a bit tricky to plant tomatoes here because there are no bees so we have to do pollination manually by touching the flowers