Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walk to Nett Point

It was the easiest hike of all, that's why I called it walk not hike :)

It has been pouring rain on Sunday morning but since it's an easy hike/walk to Nett Point a man made beach popular swim destination for locals we decided to give it go anyway.

We were car pooling at PCR hotel and meet the others there before we walk down the street. The road is paved and just a little bit of dirt around the Nett Point it self. It was a good walk with a good length and little bit of hills but no steep at all like our last hike, so I still got the sweat on this walk.

We pretty much just follow the road until we reach Nett Point.

Let's drink beer to cool off.

The sea was really rough that day so no one swim, next time we might be lucky

All photos above taken by Sam and with his camera, so give him the credit will ya.

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