Monday, October 31, 2005

Missing U

I miss u so much

I want to hold u tight and never let go

I want to talk to you, like we used to

I want to share you stories

I want to see you, i would give anthing just to see u in about half an hour (if i could)

I want to hear your voice, the voice that always calm me down

I want to hear your laugh

I want to see your smile

Gosh, I just want to see you

I know....

You always there in my dream

You always there in my pray

You always guard me with your love

You always there in every step i took

You always there to witness every achievement and failure

Eventhough you are not around, I know somehow you will always be with me

I miss you so much, Dad.

I love you so much, Dad.

I will visit your graveyard, I promised you.

Rest in peace my beloved father, I will always come to visit you and may we meet again in heaven.

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