Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Like father like daughter

Had dinner last nite with my friend and her daughter, that was my 1st time to meet her daughter, i usually just saw her thru pix. I was amazed how the daughter can be so look a like the father (God Almighty), it's like i can see the father whom i know too in female's body :)).

Not only the appearance and the look but they way she moves is soo him (kok bisa ya?) and for the 1st impression the mother has no contribution at all into the daughter hihihi... Juteknya sih dapet dari ibunya tuw :p

Someone had told me that natural DNA test is the look of the baby tell who's the real father, bener banget tuw ;)

Makes me wonder how my future child will look like, but it depends on the father too ya :D

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