Friday, November 25, 2005

My other talent

Appraisal time is coming.... darn, i never like this kind of time b'coz somehow i couldn't evaluate my self or maybe b'coz am not ready with what people think of my work so far? Dunno... just find it so difficult aja :|

One thing bother me is that my supervisor said that am too nice, is it? What's wrong with being nice to people i work with? Well, maybe am just the type of people's please (always trying to please people around me). She said sometimes she can not feel my emotion, she couldn't find out when am pist off, angry, sad or happy or what so ever, my face never describe what is happening inside me... That is one of my major strength though, coz i always think that this is only f....g job, never get involve to deeply till it ruins your mood :)

Well, so far so good lah my 1st appraisal in this office not like in my previous agency (wuihhh.... stress banget deh, karena si manusia kulkas itu were so hard to me)

Other thing was what Pak Kris said, that he sees me has the ability to become a copywriter (yeah baby, copywriter hehe.....). Menurut beliau karena aku selalu berani tampil beda dari yang lain, so maybe deep deep deep down there kalau di explore lagi jiwa seninya i can be a creative person wuiihhh.... this is an interesting input though, another thought of what people sees in me.

Well, maybe i have to start think bout it ya... that could be one of my talent hihihi.
But what ever people think of me, i just follow on my heart bcoz am the only person who know my own capacity and ability... Thanks for the input ya Pak, that's quite amused me :)

Now, am just waiting for the result whether my performace is good enough to get salary increase (God, please hear my pray coz i need more money for shopping, clubbing, salon, traveling and etc).... [-o<

ssttt... latest informasi dari anak2, masa gaji blum di transfer sama finance... wuaaa gimana mau naik gaji kalo gini caranya ya.....

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