Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Describe me in one word, only one word

So bored last night then i got an idea to SMS all of my friends with this fun game inspired by my cheerful client Wenni: Describe me in one word, only one word.

It's fun, although not all of them response with the answer and some were asking what's happen to me :))

Anyhow, here are the response thru SMS till this afternoon:

Bomsex (hmm...) - Miranda
Bebek (cuek, suka gak tau etiket) - Iin
Loosen up - Widi
Attractive - Sanny
Nice - Sammy
Slutty - Sisi
Conqueror - Mbak Astie (my fave answer :))
Big (?) - Aldy
Wild (hmm...)- Andrew
Bingung (:))) - Dini
Pure - Arya (another fave answer ;))
Cute - Didi
Mandiri - Wenni
Dungdung (hahaha) - Farika
Cisayong (uuhh) - Arie
Open Minded - Sisca
Moody - Advi
Ceria - Amal

Continuity answer:

Fun - Indra Betet
Nekat - Lee-a
Susi (susu exhibitionist) - Gaby Bunzky
Sensual - Fachry
Woman - Adji
Lucu - Gita
PrettySexy (maksa nih biar one word :)) - Carlo
Sweet - Esti
Mytype - Reza
Sexy - Itho
Sexy - Denny
Fighter - Evan

Wait for more answer....

So, what do you think?

Describe me in one word, only one word

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