Friday, November 30, 2007

Visit Indonesia 2008

TV Commercial teaser for the upcoming Visit Indonesia Year 2008.

Indonesia tourism promotion program for the year 2008 by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia.

TVC VO (voice over):
"The sound of invitation is rising, waiting for you to come... It's time for you to visit Indonesia"

Although we have bigger issues rather than only a nice TV Commercial, but I think this is a good start.

Well done to Octovate & 25 Frames team.

Keep up the positive attitude folks!


Farika said...

I've seen this tvc many, many times on cable. Must say it's disappointing tho... It doesn't show the beauty of our country, or the exoticism or whatever, which I'm sure we have a lot :|
Masih jauh bagusan iklan Djarum deh.. Eh apa Gudang Garam, yang dibikin Octovate juga...

Unknown said...
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