Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Corruption around us

I’ve heard a lot about these kinds of stories, and I finally hear it again from the 1st person.

Last Friday, a friend of mine just came back from Korea and when she check in at the custom & immigrations there’s a guy asking for money under the table, the guy asks for USD, when my friend said she doesn’t have USD, the guy said he accepts Korean money as well… in fact, he accepts any amount of money she has, oh dear…

My friend insisted that she doesn’t have any cash as she just landed, but the guy keeps asking for money. And when the guy check out her passport, the guy’s face blushed with embarrassment, because my friend has diplomatic VISA on her passport as her husband is one of many diplomats who works in Indonesia.

And fortunately not for long, the husband came along with his magic card (diplomatic pass) to pick up his wife. That guy is so busted!

So the story spreads to all of her husband’s colleagues (embassy people). And being Indonesian, I am so ashamed of what that guy did.

Airport is like the face of the country, the part you will see first before you see the rest of the country.

I’m sure, there are corruptions in each country, but at least they play it smartly, not asking for money to all the foreigners/visitor who just landed.

Wondering when people will change....


Anonymous said...

It's a familiar story. But with a nice funny twist to it.

Still I wonder how the story ends. Because, well, "That guy is so busted". Okay, but did he got busted, has he been arrested and will he be brought to stand trial?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately the guy can get away with what he did.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Indonesia you can see this type of behaviour on the streets everyday of the week. I have been asked myself by Police to give money. I refused and my driver was issued with a traffic ticket. Everyone should be ashamed!!!