Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Thanks for all your comments on my posts here and here. So before all of you had wrong impression about me, especially Anonymous who gave me hard comments but still coward to hide behind Anonymous name :p

Yes, I mad at my friend, you all have read about it in my blog. But I've settled down with her, I apologized to her for being mad at her and we talked about the issues and we are good now.. (Anonymous.. send me your number so I can text you our conversation). Not just because in my religion we're not allowed to be mad at people more than 3 days, but I also felt that my reaction was based on sensitive mood thanks to PMS. No, I'm not trying to find any excuse and justification, but for you women out there you will understand what I'm talking about. And yes, we are mature women whom can talk about this issue directly, even though we need times to cooling down our selves.

I've been planning to post that I finally settled it down with my girlfriend but been caught up with parties during this Xmas holiday, so I haven't have time to do it. Now, I'm proudly say that we're good and we have settle it down.

And one more thing, I'm mature enough to take any criticism.. approved Anonymous comments is one of the proof, right ;)


Finally Woken said...

Glad the dust is settled now. Having arguments is normal between friends, we only can have rows with loved ones. How we handle the whole things that matters. At the end of the day, a true friendship will make us stronger and better, will guide us for a lifetime, and will stand by us for better or worse.

Those anonymous comments seem want to wind you up so you'd get madder at your friend, so it's best to ignore them.

Melly said...

There is nothing in this world that is worth to fight for except "having a peaceful mind & honest, positive frienship"

Only time will tell how much our friendship worth to be treasured.

All of us will have a good laugh over all this silly yet thrilling matter when we grown older one day. See, now we have another great silly story when we gather together one day. hehehe

You and anita are right, three of us share the same template yah. Great Taste.

Far From Manado - it's just me

Anonymous said...

cant be mad at somenoe fro more than three days?? What happens on the 4th? You shoot them :)

I can be mad for years. DECADES!!!

Revenge is best viewed in a setting sun. Setting on a grave :)