Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

After settled it down with my friend, I gave my word to delete the posts from my blog.

So I would say thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate it. Your comments have made me think in a different point of view.

This is the good intention from us, as we still want to be friends and hopefully what has happened will make each of us a better and mature person and hopefully can make our friendship stronger and more valuable.

There is song from Elton John called "Sorry seems to be the hardest word"...
Well.. the song is not quite fit with my situation but yeah I agree with him that sorry seems to be the hardest word..

Why is it so hard?

Because it comes from the heart, if it doesn't come from the heart it doesn't mean a damn thing.

But when you finally be able to say it, it feels good. It doesn't mean that you are wrong or lose by saying sorry..


Anonymous said...

I did have a fall out with a friend years ago. I couldn't remember what happened, but the bff vows we took seemed to vanish to thin air.

I wrote her a year ago in a short but ok email, admitting all my faults in the past and also said that I was extremely sorry for everything that happened.

She replied short and told me not to write ever again. She was glad that I am no longer her friend and we will never contact again in the future.

That hurt me deeply. But if I think of it more, there is a reason that she doesn't make it to my future. Maybe it's for my better future. I am glad that your case ends up differently than mine.

Unknown said...

Hey Andie,

You finally made comment in my blog yaayy...

To be able to say I'm sorry from the heart is hard, because we have to forget the ego