Friday, December 28, 2007

Love affair

I don't celebrate Xmas but I don't know why, I love Xmas stuff i.e: Xmas Tree, Xmas decoration and etc.

So here are some proves of my love affair with Xmas stuff

2006 - Xmas decoration at Shangri-la Hotel

2007 - Xmas tree at Hyatt Hotel

2007 - Xmas Party with the Ozzy


Finally Woken said...

Knowing Ecky for quite some time now, this strange fetish of hers is something I never understand. I mean, other people want to be photographed with actors, celebrities, or other beautiful people. But Ecky is always attracted to Christmas trees... There was a time she persuaded us to take pictures together under the Christmas Tree in Plaza Senayan... but no adults there, all children...

Girl, you're funny!:))

Unknown said...

Hahaha you still remember that.

They have it again this year.. I'm soooo excited.. I asked Sam to take my picture there, but he said I'm crazy.. he refused to take any picture and he dragg me to walk straight every time we pass that area :(

Momisodes said...

Wow! I don't blame you..those Christmas decorations are beautiful! Especially that tree...:)

Anonymous said...

I love the gingerbread house shots. I have a secret passion of living in one in the future. When I am bored with it, I will eat it all up .... :)

Melly said... those pictures were taken back then and we were giggling at ecky for honest passion for anything got to do with X'mas especially tree.

Merry Chrismas once again then...hehehehe

Melly said... those pictures were taken back then and we were giggling at ecky for honest passion for anything got to do with X'mas especially tree.

Merry Chrismas once again then...hehehehe

Elyani said...

Ecky, I think I share the similar antics with you. Being a Catholic, I have an interest to visit mosques. I even pleaded my Moslem friend to take me inside the mosque when she performs "sholat" simply because I like to learn about other beliefs first hand. Don't be surprised if I know a bit alif-ba-ta-sa (I learned Arab gundul when I was in high school) and what's written on top of every mosque in Indonesia. Unlike you, I'd never took a picture beside a Christmas tree ever, let alone those instant Santa at the malls..hehehe! The only memorable Christmas picture I have had was with the nuns from my school time and the dormitory.

Anonymous said...

wow you look cute and sexy!!!!

(But who is the girl in the black dress)

Unknown said...

Sandy: my first reaction when I saw those decoration was "I have to take a picture with those!".. And yeah, even though all my friends think I'm crazy but I did it anyway.. :D

Andie: after you eat it then you have make another one :))

Melly: yeah, I remember you gals don't wanna near me and pretend you don't know me when I took those picture lol

Elyani: oh thank God you think my "love affair" is normal. Btw, I just found out that Krispy Kreme has Xmas tree made from their boxes. I'll find a way to take a picture with it :))

Polar Bear: thanks, hey it's me in that black dress. Not dress actually, it's shorts and top :))

Anonymous said...

It was a joke....

The joke was I said "you look cute" - and you would assume I meant you, then I followed it with “but who is the girl in the black dress”.

This sudden realization that I referred to Santa Claus as “cute” and not you deflates the ego boost of the first line, and in theory makes you laugh in a release of tension.

Well that’s the theory anyway….

Unknown said...

Hahaha.. Yeah I got that alot, sometimes people choose Santa instead or me :p

Anonymous said...

Well you do look cute anyway, if there was mistleto around I would be trying to smooch you.....

(actualy Polar Bears EAT cute girls, but lets not go there....)

Anonymous said...

A new friend of mine is as 'opo yo istilahe hehe aneh' as Ecky. She, who is not a Christian, went to Christmas tree in Takashimaya, posing before the tree and taking the tree pictures from many angles.

Even crazier, she took the pictures of every decorated trash bin in Orchard road.

Btw Ecky..the key maker in my blog is not in Blok M. It's in Casablanca. Sometimes, that's what I like in Jakarta, just ask nearby people whether they know a key maker and they point out that one in Casablanca.