Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Giving time

Eventhough I don't celebrate Xmas, but SU gave this iPod as my Xmas present, because he said Xmas is all about giving..

Isn't he sweet?

He's the best.

You rock baby muuahhh

Merry Xmas everybody.. May God always be with you, and may we have peace on earth.

Happy Holidays too!


Finally Woken said...

Another addiction to overcome.... can you do texting with one hand and listen to ipod at the same time?

PS: love the new lay out, fresher.

Unknown said...

I can do blind sms, meaning I can do texting without looking at the key pad :D

But I need to do one more thing Nit, expand post summary... Couldn't do it, it always error huh

Anonymous said...

He really is sweet, and indeed Christmas is about giving. I've seen it happening everywhere here in the Philippines :)

Happy Holidays !

tere616.blogspot.com said...

Yup, he is sweet :-p
Happy Holidays ...:-)