Thursday, December 06, 2007


The action of being unfaithful to one's sexual partner

Is it belong to men only?

Is it a need? Because you can't spend your life with only one partner.

Is it the latest trend?

Is it a lifestyle?

Is it a fun thing to do?

Why do people doing it?

Why do people keep doing it?

What makes them keep doing it?

If the Lust turned out to be Love, is it still infidelity?


Jerry said...

Tough questions.

And my too easy answers.

(1) No, it happens to women as well.

(2) No, but it may be a challenge. It may be exciting. Actually on average Indonesian men/women have between 4 and 5 different sex partners over their lifetime ( which is slightly, only slightly, less than is the case in other countries).

(3) No, it is not a trend. It's an urge. The less social control in society, the less control of the urge.

(4) No, it is not a lifestyle. Only a few pathological adulterers - Casanova- may make it a lifestyle.

(5) Well, it may be short lived fun for sure. But a lot of stress, remorse and guild afterwards.

Anonymous said...

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Ah, another four tough questions to answer.

Okay, here I go.

(6) Because of the thrill of the specific conditions they are in.

(7) Because some do not take their contracts, their commitments, their vows serious.

(8) Because a very few combine their hormonal disturbances and an environment with an abundance of opportunities, with their love of a hedonistic way of life.

(9) Yes.

Unknown said...

I tell you Ecky, I have known of so many married women to also have been unfaithful so I believe it's quite divided between the two. The sad reality is that if the guy does it, he's being human but if the woman does it, it is considered like a crime. So unfair! My advice then? Marry for love and try to realize the consequences of completely breaking someone's heart.

Finally Woken said...

Agree with Colson. Especially no.9, it doesn't matter if it's a lust or a love, once we commit to someone then betray the trust and commitment for whatever given reason, it's still considered cheating.

What worries me the most is the 'third-person'. Especially in Indonesia, those people have no remorse or don't feel guilty of what they do. No such respect on the relationship, let alone the sanctity of marriage. Some even are proud with what the do ('he chooses me over her, she must be lousy in bed, etc.).

I believe in karma. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Colson and Anita on the No#9 question. It is wrong no matter what the outcome. The people who do this lack the intestinal fortitude to end one relationship before starting again, they are weak, sad people that are too frightened to be alone. Where I differ with Anita is, the third person we must remember it takes two to tango, rarely is a gun held to ones head to do these things. He is as much to blame as her, actually more to blame if he has the relationship already, he can say NO.
Just my opinion

Anonymous said...

i agree with anita. but i won't give any opinions on this questions, ky.

because i know i'll sound like a total prude.

ah what the hell. to me being unfaithful is wrong and there's nothing you can say or do to make it right to the person you betrayed.


so when will our next sushi night be? :D

Anonymous said...

Mmmmh...susah amat Bu, pertanyaannya... but I guess it is for...survival (garing ya) and as long as you are not caught and nobody gets hurt and you feel fine about it, it's ok.

The thing is, you will get caught, your partner gets hurt, sometimes you get hurt and you don't feel fine afterwards!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Here my answers:

1) No , women cheat too of course..

2)Hmm Yes ,because you have to give your genes to a smany persons as you can. It's in our DNA

3) No, people always cheated since the beginning of times

4) Don't think about it as a lifestyle

5) Sometimes..

6) Go to answer 2

7 ) answer two again

8 ) it serial pseudo monogamy dear..ehehehehhe