Friday, December 21, 2007


Is there any specific and particular definition for:


Old friend?


Best friend?

Fake friend?

Real friend?

What is the different between friend and best friend?


Anonymous said...

Halah...another list of mind boggling questions. I can only answer some:

Friends: people that I trust sharing part of myself with and fun to do things together with.

Best Friend: Friend + know how my mind works and who will be around when I'm in my lows, vice versa

Ex-Friend: a person who I trusted but betrayed my trust (this is the easiest question)

Old Friend: a friend who is old (this is also an easy one!)

Fake Friend: is not a friend

This is my experience with my best friend last week: we were at a shoe store and she tried one pair. Then I said, "You already have one similar to that".


"Yeah, remember the one you bought in Plaza Indonesia, you bought 2 pairs that time, 50% discount"

"Oh that one, yes".

And in another occasion,

"Vit, what do you think of this polo shirt?"

"You already have maroon"

"But this is different"

"Not too different. You don't have orange yet".

Up to this stage, we freaked out because we know what is in our drawers. At least we help each other save money :)

One more you forgot: Imaginary Friend :D

Elyani said...

Friend? --- someone who is honest, truthful and straightforward.

Old friend? --- a person who knows you between ten to twenty years.

Ex-friend? --- those who misinterpret kindness with weakness.

Best friend? --- a person who puts "respect" before anything else, because that kind of sums up most of the things in friendship.

Fake friend? --- double face people.

Real friend? --- someone who can keep your secret only to themselves.

Unknown said...

funny that, i'm sure i've written about this some while ago. i was just thinking the same thing, might just be the time to rethink the whole thing.

Joker said...

Thx for popping by :D

Link me can??? thanks said...

Friend : people at work, course, gym, ... someone that we trust sharing part of myself and having fun with .. (sounds like parvita)

Old friend ; someone we know from childhood

Ex-friend : someone who betrayed us

Best friend : someone who know us better than anyone, someone that always be there when we need a hug

Fake friend : poker face

Real friend : More than best friend, someone where we share our secret and keep it for themselves. Someone who knew us better than anyone, someone who knew our "dark side" our "ugly face",

The difference is their knowledge of "our secret of life" ...

Have a nice week end :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't make such clear bold line on what kind of friend a friend is, as he/she might jump in and out the box.
So, go with your heart, Dear ..

Anonymous said...

I can only describe "best friend" as those who truly care about you and never bother about whether he/she's your "real friend", "best friend", "mere friend", "fake friend", or "old friend" kekekkekek...

Finally Woken said...

My previous comment hasn't appeared yet, is it still being reviewed?

I just found an old post about friend and 'friend', which took your blog post as a title. Read here.

Unknown said...

Anita: there's no comment from you before this one.

Mind to write it again?

Anonymous said...

Aww, it's a lengthy one and 3AM inspiration!

Ok here it is:
Friends: those who know us and sometimes hang out with us.

Old friends: those who know us from the past (like ex schoolmates) but stop growing with us, so we meet them for old time sake but can't talk about present or future.

Ex-friend: Certain Friendships Don't Last Forever. Find out why here and here.

Best friends: those who you spend time the most, and share daily life together intensely.

Fake friends:easy to spot. We meet them at social occasions, we exchange kisses on both cheeks but we don't bother to talk to them because we have nothing in common. Those who give fake smile at us but then turn around and spread the rumours.

Real friends: those who truly want the best for us, they dare to tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts. Those who brave to stand up and say, "wake up" or "you are wrong", with a consequence of having us hating them. It will take a while for us to realize who the real friends are. Remember the girl from Certain this post?. It took her 2 years to realize it and now she's begging for forgiveness.