Monday, March 24, 2008

Culture East Vs West

Understanding of Chinese/Asian culture vs. Western.........interesting research.

It also applies to all Asians, including the Indians, Japanese, Thais, Koreans, Indonesian, Malays, Dayaks, etc.

These icons were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany.
Blue --> Westerner
Red --> Asian/Chinese


Way of Life




Queue when Waiting


Sundays on the Road


In the restaurant


Handling of Problems

Three meals a day


Elderly in day to day life

Shower timing

Moods and Weather

The Boss

What's Trendy

The child

Things that are new


Anonymous said...

This is really funny stuff. Quite apt.Of course there is some stereotyping involved. And on Sundays the streets in London,Paris or Berlin are as crowded as in Tokyo or Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved these icons. I think they are extremly cute and true!

Jane said...

Interesting observations. Think you're spot on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ecky,

This is fun and remarkably accurate! Thanks for sharing.

I created a follow-up to this: Orang Indonesia vs. Bule ;)

Momisodes said...

That is so cool!!!! I loved looking at these :) "what's trendy" was hilarious :) I can relate and see many of these ideals as I'm Chinese living in a western society. Very cool post!

Therry said...

A friend sent that to me as well, ages ago. It's so true isn't it??

Especially the one where Asian tend to "avoid" the problem, rather than facing it.

For example the flood.Instead of solving the problem and finding ways to prevent it, people and government choose to find ways to avoid or "ngakalin" banjir.

Mrs Top Monkey said...

SPOT ON!!! As an Asian married to a Westerner, I can identify with so many of the icons!

Adam C said...

Referring to things like queue when waiting has changed for so many places. Kuala Lumpur is one of them, far unlike Penang. People there queue for the buses, the LRTs, the trains, the monorails and even for a ride! It's the opposite in Penang!

Adrian said...

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