Friday, April 18, 2008

Language Barrier

It's been quite sometimes since my last posting. Crazy days lately, but I'm sure everything will be fine soon, keep praying and optimistic.

2 days ago after 2 back to back meeting with total 6 hours, I got this email from my new Ozzy Boss.

He asked about something related to the creative output and after I explained with the situation and agreement with client, He reply back with saying "No Dramas, We need to brief creative soon"

My take out was:
He thinks that I'm buying time to brief creative and stalling the job.

I was soo mad at him, how come He treats me like that since I am the one who taking care of the jobs and manage everything to be done within given deadline, really tight one.

I reply back to him says "which drama are you referring to??" But he didn't reply anything until I go home.

I was cranky that night and I made my mind to confront him the next day.

Me: telling Sam that I hate him and bla bla bla cursing him and tell Sam the whole story.
Sam: calmly says "Baby, what does he mean with no drama is no worries"
Me: How the hell no drama mean no worries? What language is that?
Sam: It's Australian slang (or just simply slang)".
Me: Uhm... whhaaatttt.... so I was cranky the whole night for nothing? Ouch....

Ok, I should apologize to him when I meet him at the office, that is a must.

And when I got to the office he comes to my desk with smile in his face and he realize I misunderstood him, damn.. I was ashame of my self, cursing him

And after we settled the language barrier, we made a deal that he should use NORMAL English not Australian slang or any other slang. So we're cool now.

My learning is:
- No prejudice towards anything that I don't clearly understand.
- Ask first before jumping into conclusion.
- I should be able to control my emotion, never crack under pressure.

I guess, we always learn something new everyday.


Therry said...


Yeah I think if one is not accustomed to Oz unique slang, one might get a shock as the word "drama" is mostly identified as "being too emo for nothing".

And especially for us women, we don't wanna be judged as being drama queens, or to borrow Bridget Jones' term, "being such a prima bloody donna"


Anonymous said...

This is the exact same thing with my current aussie company.

When I attend my first meeting with them.. there's a lot of "No Drama"..

At first I was like: "WTF!!"

but then I could find in the internet that this is purely their slang