Wednesday, April 09, 2008 Blocked

Dear All,

As per official letter issued by Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia Number: 84/M.KOMINFO/04/2008, dated April 2, 2008, with the instruction to block access to certain Websites and Blogs containing Fitna movie, our ISP disabling access to until further notice.



Above is official email from my IT today, I really wish that our government has smarter way to overcome this problem instead of blocking useful website :((.

Here are list of blocked sites in Indonesia, as of April 2008:
1. YouTube
2. MySpace
3. Metacafe
4. Rapidshare
5. Multiply
6. Liveleak

There are some Indonesians who using internet for their source of income, some are using Multiply for online business.

Does Government think of that before they ban the site? No. They didn't think of the downside for little people.

They should ban the relative content, not the whole sites!

Oh.. I really wish the Indonesian Government can be smarter this time, but I guess I have too high expectation.


Anonymous said...

Stupid bunch of ignorant people....

But why do you suggest the government to ban the content (of Fitna)? Indonesia is not an Islam-based country. If it's Iraq, yeah, ok. They beat homosexuals to death there. But in Indonesia Dorce can be an artist - and transvestite and gays are everywhere and quite accepted in the society. So even as the biggest moslem population country, Indonesia never applies strict Islamic rules. So why bother with this Fitna?

Unknown said...

@ Finally Woken: I mean, IF Government wants to ban Fitna Movie, they should ban the content only not the whole sites.

Anonymous said...

Governments who treat their citizens as children, are not only immature but dangerous also.

SBY and his mates seem to have lost their horizon, I'm sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to all Indonesian surfers, bloggers and other users of the 2.0 web. It's rather disappointing if a government officially declares it's citizens immature - which is what a government does if it's filtering, blocking and censoring unwelcome information.

And my sympathy to all Indonesian citizens. Because it's dangerous if this proves to be the start of banning all criticism of government and government related institutions and persons - because that kind of criticism is the hartcore of democracy.

But whatever happens: it's a great country with great people.

Unknown said...

Great move you government guys, SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that will work.


Rob Baiton said...

Storm in a teacup, plain old lipservice, pandering and appeasing special interests... afterall an election is on the horizon and teh government needs to be seen as a do something one rather than a do nothing one!

All sites are unblocked, at least that was the last I heard, and an apology issued...