Thursday, April 24, 2008

The measurement of absolute smart

I always heard that one says that particular person is smart, and heard from almost everybody that yes indeed that particular person is damn smart.

But when I met other group, this group who happen to be working with this person say the opposite thing about that particular person. That person is not smart, s/he just damn lucky, s/he is at the right time and the right place, and so on.

Make me wondering, so when one mention that this particular person is smart that doesn't mean that s/he is really smart.

When we were in school we have the proof of our smartness, the grade and the report book. When we're in college, the same thing. But when we are in the professionalism world, we might think that one position on the company ladder is the proof of how smart someone is. That might be true and might be not true.

I know few people with good position but somehow according to his/her team/subordinate or people who worked with him/her, s/he is clueless about what s/he should do in that position, s/he just relies on the sweet talks, and their luckiness. Once in one of my old company I had GM, but she never says a damn thing in the meeting, internal nor with client, and the client was questioning her role in the team.

One day the big boss asks her to do the presentation in front of one of client's BOD, and you know what happened? She called 15 minutes before the meeting and she said that her taxi hit motorbike so she can not come to the meeting. We always wondering how she can impressed the big boss to hire her, and how come she can survive throughout her career, only God knows.

That was my basic thinking why I say good/high position not necessary a proof of your smartness.

And then the million dollar question, so how can we measure one's smartness?


Momisodes said...

I would ponder this all the time while working as a nurse. Most people hear the word "doctor" and immediately think that the person must be intelligent. However, from experience, like any other profession, not everyone is always smart or good at what they do.

Unknown said...

Hi Ecky,
Trust your not working too hard.
Couple of things, my SIL always complains that her bosses have been no good (she has had many) sometime you need to look in the mirror.
Secondly there is a sayiny that people are promoted to the level of their incompetence, this is the point where their failures finally become visible to all.


Anonymous said...

no, high/good position in a company does not guarantee the intelligence of the holder. but i can safely assume people who have constant achievements be it a smart blog entry or a vaccine for a maladie, are smart. plus, smart and intelligence doesn't always come from academic studies, there are people who never went to college/highschool who are incredibly smart.
how do you know whether a person is smart or not? talk to them, read their writings, listen watch their work/creation..
degree of smartness differ and is very relative too, some people think paris hilton is incredibly smart to play up her dumbness and is a genius self-marketer while many think she's a dumb beyotch. well, for me, i think we can't please everybody. I know for a fact some people think i'm smart, and some people think i'm a genius.. just kidding lol

Therry said...

Cinta Laura: dumb or smart?

She's the only person who could turn her stupid sayings into a ringtone that is purchased by those who are sinetron and celebrity-obsessed.