Monday, July 14, 2008

Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Thanks to Rima and GJ for this "assignment"...

I'm happy with what I am now but if I had a chance to go back to certain age I wish to go back to when I was 10, (not so long ago though lol), age when I already understood how to show and express love to my parents.

If only I knew that God will take my father away from me when I'm 16 y.o I will utilize my time to express my love to him and won't take him for granted.

My father & I share same star sign (Leo), so we always celebrate our birthday together, and our personality, interests, characteristic, attitude is almost the same. Being a copy of my father made me a daddy's girl, I was really close to him than to my mother. And when he passed away when I was 16 y.o I felt like my whole world has rumbled and I don't have someone to hold on to. I was crushed, smashed, shattered and broken-hearted, I couldn't stop crying for the whole week and I got fever for the first 3 days, my relatives said that I had black out at the hospital.

If only I knew that he will leave me forever that day, I will use my time to take care of him at the hospital instead of hang out with friends and pursue my extra activities in my high school.

Thanks to my mom and friends to company me thorough my mourn and help me stand up on my own feet. Life must go on, and I know he will always be with me in my heart and I'm sure that he knows I love him dearly.

I wish I go back to when I was 10 y.o because I wish I could maximize my time with my father.

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Anonymous said...

Ecky this is so sad yet inspiring, I'm sure he is proud of what you have achieved and become.

Elyani said...

I'm sure he was a very proud father and he will always be with you in spirit.

Melly said... should be proud of yourself at the moment, look at yout career achievement, social life,and lovely relationship you have built. You go girl.

rimafauzi said...

Ecky my dear,

Thanks for sharing.. I am sure your father is looking over you in heaven, and is awfully proud of you.. you have turned into an intelligent and kind young lady. I know I haven't met you in person, but I have a feeling that you are just that.

Unknown said...

Good one Ecky,
I would go back to being 17, just before all the responsibilities of adulthood yet old enough to take in life's intellectual pleasures.

Anonymous said...


not to mention sssmoking hot! ;)

your dad is proud of you, Ecky, no doubt about that. I think every parent will be when they have a daughter like you!