Friday, July 25, 2008

Questions of the week

Stolen questions from Elyani:

1. How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
I'll say 2 seconds, cos right away after the alarm went on someone will open the curtains let the sun shining the bedroom and shake my body by saying "waktunya bangun".. how can one could continue laying in bed after that?

2. If you had an elementary school reunion, how would your classmates remember you?
I'm not sure about this, but I remember my classmates & schoolmates have special nick name for me, something related to my physical appearance because my boobs start to grow when I was in 4th grade.

3. When having an argument with your significant other, do you raise your voice? Have you ever given him or her the silent treatment?
Well, maybe a little bit of raising my voice but not too much cos I'm not a yelling kind of person. This is what I usually do after an argument: cry and then silent until I want to talk to him again, bad bad..

4. If you received mail at your home addressed to The Sexiest Person in the Neighborhood, would you open it or assume it is for your neighbor?
Of course it's for me, it's about time they acknowledge me! LOL

5. Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or romantically hopeless?
In between.

6. Are you an only child, first born, middle, or youngest in your family? Do you believe in the idea that birth order plays a large determination in personality?
I'm the youngest from 2. No, I don't believe that birth order plays a large determination in personality, because I'm more responsible and mature than my late brother.

7. What lesson did you learn as a child that still hold true?
Believe in yourself, eventhough no body believes in you.

Now, how about you?


Anonymous said...

oh wow for the #2!

Bilbo said...

Hello, Ecky! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed your visit and will be back again soon. How long to get out of bed in the morning? Like you, about 2 seconds...because if I don't get up immediately, I'll go back to sleep. I don't think any of my elementary school classmates would remember me (it's been a long time, and I don't have boobs to be remembered by). Do I use the silent treatment? No, this is a woman thing used against men!

rimafauzi said...

#3: Hell yes!!!!!!!! (on both counts)

Gildo Kaldorana said...

Nice and intersting blog Ecky.
Saya yuga kalau mau bangun susah sih, perlu dengar 30 minit my alarm clock.
Salam from Barcelona (Spain).

Elyani said...

I set my alarm at 5:20am but my cat will wake me up before the alarm goes off by biting my ankle or meow loud enough near my ears. So it normally takes a few minutes to rise from the bed unless I want to be pestered by my monster cat...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm still amazed with the last sentence from #2. LOL.

MMmm... Ecky....

Unknown said...

@ anima: he he he..

@ bilbo: I'll definitely be back to your blog.

@ rima: I'm such a whiner ya :D

@ gildo: thanks for dropping by, please come again. Salam dari Jakarta

@ elyani: Suneo can be a reliable alarm though LOL

@ therry: I hate it cos it gave me a hard time back then, all those boy really know how to mock a little girl :p.

But I'm grateful now he he he

Anonymous said...

#2: Had my elementary school reunion about 3 months ago. Some didn't recognized me. They remember me as a sporty tomboy. Ended up talking more to the guys than the gals. Imagine: 28 years later...

It was somehow depressing though, reminded me of how my mom used to compare me with one of the smart girl (and pretty) girl in the school. Here, read my blog about reunion.

This weekend one of the elementary school guy is getting married and I wonder what we all look like in party clothes.

Anonymous said...

1. about 10 minutes approx.
2. a guy with her senior class girlfriend
3. i couldnt' raise my voice upon her, it still felt ackward to do that
4. for me donk .. *pede* .. haha
5. romantically hopeless
6. first born, it felt a burden to have more responsibilities
7. fate turn upside down on me one day, fate now has come to quarrel over my life expectation.