Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Controversial yet moving and powerful UK public service ad about women trafficking endorsed by Emma Thompson.

At least 4,000 women and girls are trafficked into the UK each year and forced into prostitution. Sign the petition here:

What kind of animal would do such thing to an innocent women? Sick sick sick sick.... It is crazy world out there, but it is up to us to make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Yup, even an animal didn't do that to their kind.

Nice blog..

rimafauzi said...

omigod, i got goosebumps from watching this. Emma thompson is so good in it, this deserves an award of it's won.

It is a disgusting thing some people do to profit themselves, especially when it hurts women, children and animals. I just don't get it, it's like these people are monsters.

Anonymous said...

It's indeed a crazy world out there, there are many people who would do anything to get what they want....urgh!

Elyani said...

Women trafficking is a big issue in our country too. Poverty and lack of job opportunities are two causes of the problem. If the govt. and all concerned parties work together, we may help solve the problem.