Sunday, July 13, 2008

About us and them: A(n Almost) Lesbian Story

I should write this posting on last Friday as Anita & I promised to post at the same time just like Therry & Rima, but I caught up with something else and I still have jet lag from the long flight. So here is my side of the A(n Almost) Lesbian Story....

I remember the 1st time I met Anita was in Coffee Club Plaza Senayan (that place is like our second home where everybody knows our name), I was with my other good friends Asti, Prila & Melly, and Anita & Jenny came along after finished their shopping together.

And just like that one thing lead to another, after the 1st meeting we were having another hang outs with the other girls (Asti, Prila, Dinar, Melly), just like that we're so click to each others and we formed a cool gank as we always celebrate birthday together or just having coffee at where else than Coffee Club Plaza Senayan or party on Friday night which usually generated by Anita and we have special nick name for her "Party Organiser", because when she's around she always managed to get us together to have party somewhere.

My relationship with Anita is heading to the next level, yes.. we become closer to each other along the way. I started to read her blog and she also starts to read my blog, she's one of my (real) other than colleagues who blogs and her blog is so interesting to read. Melly & I used to say that Anita is the real writer, Melly & I blog just for personal satisfaction, Anita's blog inspired me to write even more but I'm not even half good as her, she's a real deal. I bet you all agreed with me ;)

And then we start to exchange text message on daily basis, not necessary important things to discuss just silly and fun stuff that we found it interesting. And this habit didn't stop when she moved to Scotland, I remember on the last day she was in Asia (Singapore to be exact), we text each other just like she's still in Jakarta until Sam reminded me that He's next to me and want to get some of my attentions too!

Anita & I have strong bond and sometimes we even want the same thing although we're 6 hours and 12,000km apart; books. Facebook quizzes also become one of prove on our similarity to each other, I know that quizzes are not supposed to be taken seriously but every quiz that we do we always got high scores, it seems like we're one person or soul mate, bizarre isn't it.

The last coincident or so we called it was when I shown her model of my bridesmaid gown for her event, reason why I show it to her because I'm afraid that it will be too revealing and the weird part was that she said the gown that she bought in Singapore has similar model with mine, among all gown models in this world we choose the similar model without any arrangement before hand.

I'm so grateful to have a chance to know Anita, Melly and the other girls (which Sam refers as the Gals), because they are meant so much to me. I can be myself around them and we can fill up the gap among us. The blogsphere also gave me great friends, although I haven't meet them in person but I can feel it that we can be good friends just like we meet in real life, thanks to late night chat Therry, and this other blogger that I can not reveal her identity for security reason and it's you. And Rima, I know somehow we can click when we meet up, foursome is not a bad idea isn't it? ;)

And other bloggers, I hope I can meet you all, just like Anita said next agenda is kopi darat, cos I value good friends, life is too short to have enemies.


rimafauzi said...

I would like to 'land coffee' and meet up with you guys because really, i feel like we all click!
so, we have 4 almost lesbian stories now, i wonder if i will see the 5th? ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's spread the love everywhere.... btw Ecky, you look so tall in that pic with Anita!! How tall are you?

Damn girl ur hot!

rimafauzi said...

ecky, oh yeah, i have tagged you to do an entry titled 'age that i wish to get back to', rules can be seen here.

Finally Woken said...

I think we either scare all male (hetero) bloggers because they thought we are really in a lesbo hoo-ha, or disappoint them because after they read our posts they couldn't find a single hint that we are lesbians and it's just a trick to drive more traffic *LOL

Elyani said...


For a moment I thought you gals are really serious about this lesbian thingies and go as far as exchanging undies...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ecky, this is a very nice post, great to have wonderful friends, no matter where they are in the world.

Anonymous said...

PS I tagged you

hope you don't mind

Unknown said...

@ Rima: How about we name the "land coffee" as the click meeting? Since we all click altogether :))

@ Therry: The power of high heels, I have normal Indonesian height though ;)

@ Finally Woken: Indeed.. Indeed..

@ Elyani: It works isn't it? hee hee

@ GJ: Agree with you, it's to have wonderful friends and I'm so grateful.

Ivy said...

Hi Ecky... was blogwalking from Therry's blog to Rima's blog, then to Elyani's blog and finally got to Anita's blog where she put a link to your blog. It's always nice to hear about great friendship. You look really pretty btw. Regards ^^

Rob Baiton said...

I dunno...there is too much of this almost lesbian stuff going on nowadays!

See, us fellas are not picking up on that and running with any "A(n Almost) Gay Story"...I wonder why that is?

Perhaps men are not as comfortable with their 'almost' sexuality :D

No matter what, it is always good to have friends.

So, how was Canberra? A little chilly?

Unknown said...

@ Ivy: Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy your time here and thanks for your compliment :)

@ Rob Baiton: We are confident with our "almost" sexuality that's why you found it all over the blogsphere ;)

Canberra is beautiful, really quite compare to Jakarta but it's really nice and yes it was damn cold!