Friday, August 08, 2008

I miss.......

I miss the blue sky

I miss the fresh air

I miss the neatness

I miss the cold

Picture taken in Canberra, Australia

Picture taken at Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Australia

Why Jakarta is soo damn hot lately?

Why Jakarta air is so polluted?

I just realize that the sky can be so blue and beautiful when I was in Australia. Every morning, what I see is grey sky here in Jakarta :(


Anonymous said...

Jakarta masih mending kok dibanding Beijing :D

Katadia said...

ecky....i think blogger mistook your last comment as spam (they had spam friday bug). Anyway... come around to cbr! We're hoping to travel back to jkt at the end of the year.... kop dar ya?

Rob Baiton said...

Maybe it is the moment to look at spending more time in a different city?

Anonymous said...


You can still see the blue sky every now and then. But the bluest is usually around June-July, when it's scorching hot and there's no rain for months end.

Just don't expect fresh air though. That's just asking too much ;)

Anonymous said...

i miss undersanding...

Unknown said...

true... jakarta sky. Too depressing.

Miss Lai Lai said...

"sky"? What Sky in jakarta?
That's right..non-existent sky in jakarta..

Sigh. Downunder is the best. NZ and Australia that is. Not anything else.