Friday, August 29, 2008

Morning Ritual: Man vs Woman

What's missing: drying hair... it will take more or less 30 minutes :)


bloggernoob said...

cute. must have taken a long time getting those images up. btw, ur a hot blogger!

tere616 said...

*wondering mode*, why man always can manage their time for sleeping :-(

It looks like me, never drying my hair. Don't have time. I always in hurry, like now, instead of put my lipstick, I leave my comment in your blog :-D

Ritardo Gariferis Anvil said...

boys rule. we get better looking as we age too.

atrix said...

Yup, we boys tend to act quick, no matter how lame we "start-up" (mostly). walaupun ada jg tipe cowo yg bnr2 males .. *anti banget* .. hehe

Across the World said...


also missing: taking a shower.
so true...!

cungkuo banget, ky. hihihihi