Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet and Greet

I really like term of land coffee, thanks to Rima who came up with this term to explain about meet up with new people or famous Indonesian term is kopi darat :)

This time kopi darat with Parvita @ EP, great place to meet up with friends and good Indian food. Our conversations flow with topic of blog, bloggers, crazy bloggers who like to write nasty and insulting comments on one's blogger to mutual friends of Parvita & Anita.

I really admire Parvita's fit body and her toned upper arms, I always want to have that kind of arm but I don't have enough discipline to go to the gym or in other word I'm too lazy to exercise (Sam must be very happy that I admitted my laziness :)) and work in on it, what I do just eat and eat but no exercise so this is what I got :)

Anyhow, the kopi darat went well too bad Parvita has to go home earlier cos she's not feeling well and not long after, her spot was filled with Stuart McKay, Neil McKay, Lens (EP's manager) and bunch of our friends.

I think now is the trend to turn virtual friend into real friend, I do like that idea.

But we have remaining un-answer question last night... do male bloggers meet each other like us?


Elyani said...

Parvita looks great. To have a physique likes her, I must putting in a similar level of effort - if not more, to compensate for my age, LOL!
You dont have to worry about getting less exercise Ecky. At your age your metabolism is still good. But when you reach 35, exercise is vital to stay in shape. I jog 40 minutes every morning followed by a 20x sit up but still that is not enough to shed my excess weight. Since I am on 3 months hormonal pills treatment, exercise is a must for me. Otherwise my face will grow like a pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

naahh.. male bloggers only meet the female bloggers. among themselves, i think not.

parvita is beautiful! I thought she was Indian (by the name) it turns out she (maybe) is indonesian?

We will land coffee one day, just wait and see! :)

Unknown said...

@ Elyani: I've felt that my metabolism is getting slower in my late twenties :(. Yeah jogging is the best exercise to burn those calories from eating too much too often hehehe.

@ Rima: Parvita Siregar is Indonesian, the last name is indeed belong to Indonesian.

And yeah I'm waiting for that day to come, we finally land coffee yayyy

Anonymous said...

Land of coffee... That's hillarious, hahahaha!

And yes, male bloggers do meet up with each other. Not as often, tho. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks, is funny that I feel the most fit in my 40s! It is a constant fight to fight the gravity..wakakakakak...

Looking forward for the next Land Coffee. Maybe with the guys?

Anonymous said...

male blogger only "kopi darat" when there were girl around or in a gathering and it must be the girl who invited them....
(keep dreaming guys....sigh) said...

Hm ... sounds nice, your "Kopi Darat" idea .. :-)