Saturday, November 01, 2008

10 Things I Hate About Me

Since Elyani and Anita has done their homework from Rima, being a good student I guess this is my time to spill the negativity of my self :)

1. I hate the fact that I am the BIGGEST wuss in the world.

I am afraid to try extreme things like: bungee jump, ride on big roller coaster (for you Indonesian might know Hallilintar in Dufan, and I have never been rode that one), not to mention sky diving I will be freeze to death if someone dare me to do it. Once I told Sam that I really would like to do Paragliding and his reaction was just laughing at me and say that He really want to witness it as He knows my wuss level. I wish I have guts to do all those exciting things. Psst don't tell anyone that I kinda scared of being home alone :)

2. Being sensitive is good, but not too sensitive though.

Behind this cheerful and outgoing look, I am really a sensitive person and baby crier. Yes, I can cry just to see someone is crying and it happens with the movie scene too, it's only a movie for God sake but I can't help it. It's ok to cry when you see Tsunami victim in Aceh back then, it's ok to cry when you see old poor beggar and grateful for what you have.

3. Easily bored.

Yeah, I might like one thing today and the next week I just don't like it any more.

4. I hate the fact that I have tendency to peek out the end of the book.

Hahaha yeah I know I'm that weird. I just want to know the end of it without spoiling out the whole story. And if I don't like the ending I will not read it. I like happy ending book :)

5. I hate my big flabby upper arm.

Tried to do everything but it still there sigh. Well probably I should hit the gym twice a day just like I used to, but it's kinda hard now because of the lazy factor :)). I know every woman has their own corner to stuffed all those fat, but I would be delighted if mine was in the hidden part. You know, when you're wearing clothes people won't notice it, it's different story when you naked though coz I believe men don't really care with that of things.

6. I hate the combination of my small waist, big thighs and short legs.

The result? Really really really really hard to find perfect jeans! I have to try them on first. Medium size 8 will fit perfectly to my small waist but really tight for my big thighs. Larger size 10 has big space gap to my small waist but perfectly hide my big thighs. No matter what size I choose, I have to cut it shorter thanks to my short legs.

7. My weight scale never stays in certain number.

It will easily go up and really hard to go down. I just have to eat big dinner 3 night in a row and will get instant result on the 4th day, but I can't lose it as fast as it goes up, in fact it will takes months to go back to previous scale number. Tried to lose 4 kg for the past months, but only succeed lose 1 kg :)). I do kick boxing 3 times a week and minimize food intake, but still... those fats likes to be inside me.

8. I don't have specific talent.

Yup, I can't play any music, I can't sing ah well I can sing but who ever heard me sing will agree with me that I can't sing, I can't do traditional dance not disco dance though.. disco dance don't need specific talent, what you need is good music and booze hahahah. I don't have an art sense in me. I don't have talent to write a powerful topic, this blog mostly about crappy things :)

9. I hate my handwritings

Anyone who've seen it will think that was from school boy yep boy not man, it's just that bad.

10. My chubby cheek.

When I gained weight, you will notice it easily. Yep, thanks to my round chubby cheek, it will proudly show the world that I gained weight. I envy Anita's high cheek bone.

Anyone feel free to write about what you don't like or hate or what you like about yourself.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, hit the gym again, don't be malaz!!!

I wish I had your chest, Sexy.

Ivy said...

hahaha i can't believe you never went on a roller coaster before. Believe's really fun lol... i'm a cry baby myself, ky...and easily bored too. At least we have a couple of things in common ^^

Katadia said...

Ecky.... you look beautiful!! Bener lagi! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that you have sexy boobs LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate (well dislike) as hate is far too strong a word, that you have an over critical "eye". Relax girl, and enjoy your perfections.

Anonymous said...

ecky,you are beautiful,girl .. seriously... and thx 4 doing the homework!: )

Unknown said...

LOL, sexy is the word :)

i once did bungee jumping at 2am in 66. Come to bali, let me know, i'll take you to it.

Anonymous said...

Easily bored? Consider this as interested in much different subjects.

I can't believe you hate your upper arm. I might not have seen you in person, but by judging your pic, your body makes others envious.