Monday, November 10, 2008


This one inspires me, so I would like to share it with all of you.

Strength is not something you born with.

It is not something taught by your parents, nor your teachers.

It doesn’t come from the way you were brought up, nor educated.

You wouldn’t get it from any school, any courses or training,

and forget about counseling.

Strength is something you earn from Life.

It is everything you learn from your mistakes and failures,

the hardness of life, poverty, hunger, sickness, and abuses.

It is the sum of your loneliness.

It comes from how you survive and stay alive,

it is when you smile while holding a tear from the tip of your eye,

it is staying calm when life attacks you,

it is breathing normally while your heart is beating fast.

It is when you keep hanging on while you hold to nothing but yourself.

Strength is not something you look for,

it comes by it self, it is sent by God.

Just when you thought God do you injustice,

it is when God gives His fullest attention.

God teaches and trains you, again and again and again… and never stop though you pray for it.

God polishes you so you become a diamond.

God squeezes you hard to extract the strength in you.

So when you about to give up, think again.

When you pray for your problems to be solved, don’t forget to also pray for strength.

It is a gift in disguise, a gift from God.

Don’t give up. God is in love with you.

Nuniks Indah Gayatri

Bali, 24 September 2008; dawn.


Anonymous said...

Great words and they are well-stated. Strength is something that you acquire during the whole life, difficult situations and hardships.

Anonymous said...

sometimes you just don't realize what your strengths are

Anonymous said...

So true.. sometimes we pray for solutions but forget to ask for strength :)

Thanks dearest Ecky :)