Friday, November 14, 2008

Ink me, not

My latest obsession are tattoo shows, will that be Miami Ink, LA Ink, London Ink or Tattoo wars. Those tattoo artists are doing one hell of jobs, the art is amazing and there is no boundary in doing so. You can go all the way, and sometimes people are willing to get really hurt in the name of art.

Angelina Jolie is famous for her tattoos, she even made coordinates tattoo where are her kids came from.

A Difference of Opinion
Some Americans with tattoos say they feel sexier (34%) and more attractive (26%). Many who don't have tattoos, however, think people who do have them are less attractive (42%), more rebellious (57%) and less intelligent (31%). [Source: Harris Interactive]

How tattoo works?
Artists create tattoos by injecting ink into a person's skin. To do this, they use an electrically powered tattoo machine that resembles (and sounds like) a dental drill. The machine moves a solid needle up and down to puncture the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute. The needle penetrates the skin by about a millimeter and deposits a drop of insoluble ink into the skin with each puncture.
A tattoo machine involves a magnetic vibrator driving the needle up and down.

How Much Does it Hurt?
People describe the sensation of getting a tattoo as similar to bee stings, sunburn or being pinched. Some say they experience a slight tickling or "pins and needles." Individual pain tolerance, the size and type of tattoo, and the skill of the artist all contribute to the amount of pain. Location also makes a difference -- skin that rests right over a bone is more sensitive.

I don't know how hurt bee stings can be, and I never had any sunburn before because of my dark skin tone. But one thing I know that it's hurt to get injection from 1 needle, and puncture between 50 and 3,000 times per minute mast be damn painful.

A friend told me that once you get a tattoo you can't stop and you will get another and another and another, it's like you miss the pain and it's some kind of addiction. Same thing like piercing.

I know a guy who started his tattoo with his daughter's name on his right upper arm, and now he almost cover his back with tattoo.

Some people choose to use their entire body as a canvas. Others use tattoos and surgeries to shift their appearance from human to animal.

And as for me? Do I want to get tattoo?

Nah, I'm too wuss to have one. I can't bare the pain, so I'll just enjoy the art and the show.


Anonymous said...

Hey I have a tattoo on m right ankle... it WAS painful then the artist did the outline but not so much when he filled in the color. But I don't get addicted to it, can't even decide yet if I'm going to get another tattoo, what image and where to put it.

Tattoos aren't for everyone, I guess you really need to have a strong feeling of something before you decide to put that thing's image on your skin forever!

The hardcore tattoos are the ones where they take out the skin in a particular pattern, to let the keloid form in that pattern. So instead of just a drawing, it's a skin inscription. Ugh.. I'd never do that! Looks soooo painful and bloody.

Unknown said...

Hey Mia, yeah I got that hardcore tattoo picture from my colleague, who ever do that are crazy and surely they pain junkie

Anonymous said...

I have two tattoos, but been tattoed four times. Covered the old one for new ones. One on my shoulder blade, one on my back. The pain was not that bad and I think it was worth the pain.

Do you know that they tattoo eyebrows too? That must be painful.

Almost all of my diver friends have tattoos, both women and men. It is now more acceptable I think; the image of tattoos have sure changed. It's more acceptable now, I think...

Rob Baiton said...

They are addictive, and my wife and I are in a competition to see who can get the most.

Little Miss Dainty said...

hello there..came across ur blog while i was enties u have there..m from check out my blog..cheers..

Anonymous said...

wuaduh... kalau disuntik sekali aja rasanya mau pingsan, gimana yang 50-3000 kali per menit yah...
Not for me deh...
Pakai tatoo sticker aja deh... malah designnya bisa ganti2.

Cool blog, Ecky... I enjoy it much.
You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted one but too afraid of the pain. I guess I'm as big of a wuss as u

Anonymous said...

What if you get bored with your tattoo? I won't do permanent one, I'd get bored the next day but must stuck with it for the rest of my life? Better get the fake ones at Kuta beach LOL

Anonymous said...

Ouch ouch ouch .. even reading this post hurts my flesh already!!

Unknown said...

@ Parvita: You are one brave lady Vit, sakit banget ya pastinya :(

@ Rob: How many tattoo you have now?

@ Dian: Iya, aku ngebayangin sakitnya udah keder duluan, gak deh hehehe. Thanks for dropping by ya.

@ Rima: Glad, I'm not the only one hehehe.

@ Finally-woken: That was one of my consideration, if you got bored with the tattoo you have to make new one on top of that or remove it and from what I heard the removal process even hurt more that the tattoo it self :(

@ Santi: Yeah, I guess who ever have tattoo are such a brave ones

I can't bare the pain and I also can't bare the addiction (if any) and what if I bored with the tattoo.. Nah.. This one not for me, but I do enjoy the show and the art though

Ivy said...

i wanted one too but then i think about how the tattoo will look like when i grow all wrinkly. must not be a pleasant sight lol