Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes, We can

Tuesday, November 4th 2008 was the historic day for Americans, well not only Americans but also people around the world who care for a change and hope.

Saw my Facebook friends's status yesterday, and 90% of them put up something about Barrack Obama and their feeling towards the new No.1 man for the USA. They all passionate about this election and then I wonder whether they will feel the same about the upcoming Indonesian Election next year.

Will they feel as passionate as this for the next President of Indonesia?

When Indonesian will be able to elect president from minority like Chinese, Ambonese, Papuan and christian etc?

And how well Indonesian can accept that, in the name of change to be better nation?


Anonymous said...

yup, di FB q juga beberapa teman jg semangat share link terkait Obama. gak ikutan deh euforia nya, tp seneng lihat mereka bisa buat perubahan spt itu.

buat negeri ini, hmm sptnya masyarakat yang plural ini dengan tingkat keterbatasan akses informasi-pendidikan yang masih diatas 60% agak sulit, mungkin nanti ada saatnya saat pemerataan akses informasi-pendidikan lebih baik dari sekarang.

maybe, someday but not now. we way more too premature to go there, which may imply a direct conflict if implemented too early.

menurut q sih .. hehe

m i S S i S S m a said...

hello Ecky..
i was in great euphoria too that day..and i called in sick so i can watch everything about Obama that aired on TV all day long..LOLz,,

ya, i'm hoping the same spirit from all Indonesian in our next election.
and maybe we'll have a Sundanese president for the very first time. a Tasikmalayans perhaps...? :p

Isma_from Mangkubumi-Tasikmalaya..lives in Bandung

Anonymous said...

Obama is half-white but people tend to forget it.

At least Indonesia has had a female president and the country is only over 60 years old.

USA has been standing since 1783 and just had their first half-white president and none female president.

I cannot understand why Indonesians treat the Obama's victory like it will affect their daily life (read at Bart's newsletter about the primary school students who wer running outside the classroom in hysteria when he won). He's the US president, not Indonesian. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Obama is half-white but people tend to forget that.

At least Indonesia has had a female president and the country is only over 60 years old.

The USA has been standing since 1783 and just got their first coloured president and hasn't had their female president yet.

I'm puzzled by the Indonesians euphoria towards Obama's victory (read at a newsletter that primary school students went wild when he won).

Unknown said...

Agree with you Nit, I don't understand the euphoria with Obama's victory.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the same feeling when a guy graduate from university, and the whole village come to attend his graduation - family, relatives, friends, neighbors, ketua RT.. even though most of them aren't related to this guy, they are proud and feel like the achievement reflects their success as well.

Obama's only brief years in Indonesia is enough to make him "one of us". In Jakarta people sell T-Shirt with the writing "From Menteng To The Whitehouse", so they definitely consider Obama's success as their own. Plus the fact that he came from a minority (even though he's half white) but can be a President. With his winning the election alone, the people's sentiments towards USA are changing for the better. I think it pleases people all over the world that they have a new hope.

I didn't follow every second of the election, but i'm definitely glad when I heard that Obama won and not the other guy. Maybe he WILL bring change to USA, and with change maybe the whole world's preception will change as well.. for the better. I'm just hopeful.

Anonymous said...

"When Indonesian will be able to elect president from minority..."

Well, although the US is a big democratic country in the world, they need 44 president to do that...

Indonesia is still young...a new kid on the block of democrazy...

BTW, thanx Ecky for dropping by on myblog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if only the world could remain as interested in world politics as in Obama's election.

I saw some photos of the celebrations in Indonesia: Obama Presidenku!?

Unknown said...

@ Hans: Obviously Obama is not the president of Indonesia so he's not (my/their) president, I don't understand the euphoria happened in Indonesia