Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dark & Cloudy

Dark and cloudy Jakarta before the rain pours.

Taken from 14th floor apartment, stolen picture from my boyfriend's camera (he made me write about I steal the picture from him or he will play guitar and sing loudly near my ear the whole night) Oh dear...

So there, I confess the picture taken by him (but I initiate it and ask him to take picture as his camera is way cooler that mine) :D


Jennifer said...

so sorry i haven't been around. :( i love your pics. although it was dark and cloudy they are awesome pics!! :( it has been crummy weather here, but really COLD and snowy and yucky!! :( blah!! i have had enough winter!!
hugs, Jenn

Ampuh said...

great capture...wonderful photography..

Unknown said...

Nice photos! You don't want to hear him sing all night? Does he sing bad?

I made a commitment to comment (blog 365 group) and I’m popping by to say hi! *waving*

Pojok Hablay said...

the camera is him, but the pictures are all yours, no? great one.

but indeed, cloudy and dark jakarta scary but also awesome :)