Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't know what to do

I know I should be professional, but with this particular person, I can't do it.

Everything this person does annoyed me, this person is the one who should sell the creative works to client but this person couldn't do it. So we have to cover this person in front of client.

We were in the same meeting, but our output can be different. Sometimes I wanna yell at this person "what the hell were you doing in there, don't you listen to what the client said, that's not what they mean?!" Geez....

I briefed A, but this person came up with Z... oh dear....

I briefed B, this person brief the team M... sigh...

I say, "the product rationale is...... so you have to think based on that" and that person reply to me say "but i don't know how....". That's why we need your expertise as creative to find a way on how to say it, if you ask me how to do that then I will be the copy writer not client service... arrghhhh....

I don't know what to do, we've talked about client's expectation but that person thought the other way around. Or maybe we just have to say it bluntly in front of this person's face that client doesn't want this person.

Really annoyed me when this person plays stubborn with me, don't play stubborn with me unless you're using your brain or at least you have brain.

Uhm... Sound like I'm being a bitch here, but I really can't stand to deal with this person in daily basis.

One of the reasons of my former boss left was because she can't deal with this person anymore, not good for our mental health.

I know it's not healthy anymore if you have personal problem with colleague. I don't want it either, but I can't help it.

What should I do about this person?

I really don't know.


Elyani said...

Well, you're not alone...some people are hard to deal with. But it is not right to boss around your co-worker and think that you're always right. Client attitude can be developed if so many people against this person right in his/her office. If many of you think this person is unqualified for his/her job, why don't you talk to the powers that be? I'm sure that if you go to a very senior person and say: ...Look, I have nothing against X, he/she is a great person, but he/she is really driving everybody crazy and make the clients cancel the orders etc, which we are trying not to take the wrong way...but it's hard.

Personally, I'd never be bothered why someone left the company and picked one person as a scapegoat. If nobody can work with this co-worker...hold a meeting and let the boss decides. At the end it is his burden, not yours. If this doesn't work either...bring your resume to the agency competitor. But again never ever feel your the most Miss Rightie in the office. That is just not right.

Momisodes said...

Co-worker stress is never good or healthy for the work environment. Chances are you're not alone with these feelings toward this person. Could you speak to your new boss about it?

Unknown said...

Elyani: I'm not being Miss Rightie in the office, this based on many discussion with her team, my team (2 other persons in my team) and other teams who work with her.

Last year client has mentioned that they don't want her and want more senior level than her to be involved, but the management didn't do anything about it. We lost 2 good creative persons because they can't stand to work under her. Our biggest lost.

In my industry, creative should be able to sell their creative output for the brand but this person simply couldn't do it. We always cover her up, sometimes we just let her do it without giving any help just want to give some perspective for client, and the next day client complaints. So another double job for me.

Management knows about this problem but I haven't seen any significant and real action from them.

Don't know how long I can stand with this situation.

Sandy: I've told the situation with my new boss but since she's new to the team she wants to consult with the higher level. But I think she starts to see the problem.

Let's hope there will be real action for this situation. said...

Ecky : Don't worry, You're not the only one. I also have the same situation, but can't go anywhere.

My advice, you've to cover your ass (sorry for saying this), otherwise all the bad things will come to you.

Have you tried to talk bluntly to your co-worker ? If not, then try it. Who knows after that that person will do it differently.

If we never try we never know..

Don't give up. You have to win the batle.

Anonymous said...


Frustrating to deal with the work mate? Ask your boss to fire him/her heheh..

I faced the same situation recently, v lucky for the person cos the person is my boss golden staff what can I do?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ecky,

I have seen advice about speaking bluntly to this person. I'm interested, who you would have to speak "bluntly"?. From my personal experience nearly all Indonesians are far too nice and polite to ever speak bluntly as it has been put. The advice is right though you need to confront (another difficult thing for most to do) and factually, not emotionally layout what the concerns are and what the expectations moving forward need to be.
They either work for the team or you then need to formally escalate this to a higher authority.
Good luck.


Finally Woken said...

I totally agree with GJ. We, especially women, tend to complain behind people's back but don't really do something to fix the situation. Call for a (formal) meeting, best if it's attended by all team members and your boss and layout the problem to find the solution. There should a be reason why your boss keeps this person in the company, despite your client's complaints (but you have to address what your client is really concerns about, not what they "ngomel" on daily basis).

If that doesn't work you should submit a formal letter to your boss, addressing the issue and ask for a help. If it's ignored too, it's time to pack up and leave!

Don't be afraid to confront the person and the situation. But you know that it comes with consequences, when I did it with my beloved re. the idiotic who worked for me, they thought I turned into a bully just because now I was a client. But you have to be strong and assure that you'd only want the best for the company and for your mental-sake. Why do you have to suffer all along for someone's else wrongdoing in the first place (loh jadi panas nih, mana sih orangnya Cky? Sini bilang tante...! )

Elyani said...


Thanks ya untuk b'day wish-nya. Kok belum diupdate blognya? Mudah2an masalah di kantor cepat selesai ya! cheers