Friday, February 15, 2008

If you HAVE TO (I mean really HAVE TO choose, no option of NONE or whatsoever)

Which one do you prefer, your spouse cheated with opposite sex or same sex as his/hers?

Btw, it's not about me. Basic thinking of above question was based on my gay friend's experience, as he told me once that he's being approached by married man (with children).

So this married man has double lifes, just like one of Oprah episode which talking about the book called Down Low.


GJ said...

Hi Ecky

Bit worried by this post, you OK?


Ecky said...

Hi GJ,

No worries mate, it's not about me hee hee.

Thank you for worrying about me :)

tere616 said...

Hm .. tough quetion, an affair is still an affair, right ?

But I think it's better being cheated with the same sex, is much better. At least I know that it's not because of me, but because of him. Especially here, in Indonesia, where "gay" things still a big no-no.

GJ said...

Great to hear!!!!


GJ said...

Ecky, BTW to answer your question.I don't think it matters about the details of who or their orientation. It's a betrayal of trust and thats very, very hard to recover from it at all. Words from personal experience.

Elyani said...

I think this is not an issue of whether you approve the person cheats with the same or opposite sex or if it's evil to cheat, it's an issue of how this person should deal with his sexual needs/wants. Perhaps he is not sure whether he is a gal or a gay.

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

agree with you elyani...

in US, guys usually like to watch girls kiss each other and more. they thought it's very sexy.

Silverlines said...

I'd hurt as much