Monday, February 18, 2008


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baby boy talent with requirements as follow:
- Eurasian (mixed Indonesian or Asian with Western)
- Age 1 years old
- Healthy looking, not too chubby nor too thin.
- Mischievous looking.
- Active, playful & cheerful traits will be plus point
- Domiciled in Jakarta

I really need this talent urgently, so if you have baby boy fits with above requirement or happen to know someone's baby boy fits with above details, please email me his photos at

Please include baby's physical measurements: height & weight.

And don't forget to put your name and contact number, as I need to ask the talent to come and cast them.

I supposed to shoot TV Commercial on 21 - 22 Feb but since client didn't approved the proposed talents we have to postpone the shoot until we find the perfect baby talent.

So I need to use any help I can get.

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Unknown said...

Sorry can't help you there!!!

But I'm sure there are many kids available. Good luck.