Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My dreams

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have dreams that one day when I retire I want to have these two things:

First is Flower plantation

I love seeing blossom flowers, colorful and smell nice. Although, I have no clue about the flower's type and name. Yeah I suck...

There is 1 particular house in Puncak (mountain area with full of tea plantations and 2 hours drive from Jakarta) area down to Cianjur that I love so much. It's like farmer house surrounded by flowers and small pond. It's beautiful. Every time pass that street I will look out through the car window and admiring it.

So I would be very happy if one day I can have flowers plantation around my house. Yeah dream on... I must be very rich to own one.

The second thing is Bakery Shop

Not a fancy and big bakery shop, just small and cozy one but provides damn good breads & pastries. I love the smell of fresh bread. So I imagine to wake up every morning with the smell of fresh bread in the house... Feel hungry now just imagining it.

But since I am not the expert on baking things or making bread & pastry, so I will let the expert to do the dirty job and I will just enjoy the fresh bread's smell every morning.

Surely need lots of money to bring to life my dreams.

So anyone wants to be the investor? Just drop me a line :)

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