Monday, February 04, 2008

Inner beauty vs physical beauty

A good friend of mine showed her before and after photos last night, she lost 16 kg or 35 pounds. Her previous weight is about 80 kg or 176 pounds. Amazing isn’t it? She committed to do exercise with personal trainer and also strict low carb diet and even no food at all after exercise.

Well, I’m not going to discuss about her amazing result but what I find it interesting is when she said that she didn’t get much attention from men when she still big. And now, she proudly says that she enjoys the attentions given from the opposite sex. Her last relationship was in 1997, yeah it’s quite some times ago but now she has a boyfriend, newly relationship. Is it because she has normal weight now? Only God knows.

And how normal is normal?

Can anybody define what is normal weight?

There will be so much answer for above questions, but one thing for sure for me normal weight is when someone looks good neither over weight nor under weight. Just proportionally normal.

When you meet someone for the first time, you will acknowledge their physical beauty first and then after you talk to him/her for quite some times you will acknowledge their inner beauty, their personality, their wit and etc.
You won’t acknowledge inner beauty just with look at the person; need effort and further process to finally be able to acknowledge it.
You come approach them and talk to them because you like their physical beauty.

Ok, you might not agree with me on this case because some of you might say that inner beauty is the real beauty, just like this article says. But… if you ask people around, I bet they will say the same thing.

The first trigger will be physical beauty.

Prince chooses Cinderella when he spotted her with beautiful dress and make up nicely not with her kitchen uniform. Wonder if the Prince will even asks her dance if Cinderella’s wearing her apron.

Same thing happen with woman, we will acknowledge men’s physical beauty just like this Carlson twins.. (picture right side -->) Oh my my… they look yum, look at those abs and chests ladies… yum :)

So I would say, physical beauty is important. That is the reality, the fact.


Is it enough, with only physical beauty? It's very subjective.

It depends on each individual though.

Will I choose Carlson's Twins (what, I should choose, can’t have both of them? That sucks) or one of them to be my boyfriend or to be my husband just because they look incredibly hot?


I wouldn’t choose drop dead gorgeous man but treats me badly, doesn’t care about my feeling and even cheats on me.

If I choose one of the Carlson twins *drooling*, that must be because of the whole package.

True, beauty opens locked doors. Many people look for external beauty, and they forget about feelings. But in the end, when the beauty is over, the same doors will be closed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But other elements accompanying beauty is equally important.


Finally Woken said...

I beg to differ.

Your friend lost weight which boosted her self confidence which reflects on her appearance and behaviour, that's why she gets more more attention from men.

Beauty doesn't open locked doors. Our attitudes do. Beauty is not as important as inner qualities, as it will vanish very soon, and what's left to be remembered are kindness, sincerity, generosity, honesty, respect, and so on.

Unknown said...

Agreed with you on the last part, that's why I wrote "other elements company beauty is equally important".

So after the physical appearance vanished these other element will stay.

Elyani said...

No matter how you look at it, it’s fact that men more so than women, I think, are firstly attracted to the physical beauty of a woman.

Momisodes said...

I would say other elements accompanying beauty is important too. I have to admit that many of the men I dated I was attracted to physically in some way at first. It was just over time that their inner self either made me love them more, or out weighted their physical appearance and made me want to end it. But you're right. Over time, beauty fades and it's what lies beneath that must have a connection to withstand time.

Melly said...

Inner beauty lasts forever, it's unchangable but physical beauty gives good first impression, that is undeniable.

I have a friend who is very cubby and huge but when you spend time with her, you will forget how huge she is. All you can remember of her as someone who is humorous (you will never stop laughing with her), kind-hearted, attentive, highly self confidence & positive attitude) Now, she is married and her man is really good looking and adores her.

So, for me inner beauty is everything, physical is secondary.

Atrix said...

it is clear for person with any shape, to have a self dignity and confidence over their look. changing shape is not a countermeasure for having a respect they desire.

believing in ourself and our abilty is much more likely, define it as self respect.

it's a nice story sis' ..

Maggie said...

My opinion is that the physical will always attract because of the hormones in our bodies. But I also think that people have different ideas of what they are attracted to. But today's society and culture also play a huge influence on what people should think is attractive. But if you think about it, the people that today's society and culture calls beautiful exhibit strong confidence in how they appear. So, ya, confidence will play a role in it too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ecky,

The outer beauty will always attract, but the inner beauty is what will give the relationship longevity. I'm a man what would I know!!!LOL


Therry said...

Uhm. Actually the way I think is quite simple;

People should just be themselves, and instead of changing their looks (using skin whitening products or getting nose jobs for instance), they should flaunt and take care of their assets (got big booty? lucky you, it's so sexy!)and improve the areas they consider as weaknesses.

I think it's nice that your friend tried to lose weight because being obese is definitely not healthy, and now that she slims down she gains self confidence and it changes the energy perceived by the people around her.

I believe that each one of us has our other halves (for those who haven't found theirs) who can see us the way WE want to be seen, not the way the public wants us to be seen, and that's the most important thing that most people don't get.

We're all beautiful in our own unique ways - if we all look the same wouldn't that be boring ha3x.

ambika said...

Attraction and love are 2 different things. Who knows what attracts two people.
There are men in this world that are attracted to wojmen because of their confidence and personality.
If only women were not ashamed to exude it.
Granted in todays world with beauty pageants and tv full of unrealistic potrayal of these picture perfect women does not help though I was amazed to find exceptions exist even here when i came across this site where women are truly only judged for their personality not looks becoz the judges are blindfolded :)
Anyway if we all stopped feeding the phenomenon of looks and beauty things might change.

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Does true beauty REALLY come from within?

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inner beauty. sometimes u just say that i love that girl or guy. or u say isnt c cute though its not true cuz u know that they r nice. so i would say inner beauty