Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Incoming email:
subject: Ecky please call me URGENT! sender: Shanghai Office.

Trying to dial the numbers.

Incoming call at my mobile:
She: Hi.. Ecky it's J... Can S talks to either A or P, it's urgent.
Me: A is not around, I'll go get P (start to think why I feel like I'm secretary or PA ya...)

Incoming call to office phone:
P: S just talked to me that he will send file to us through express and please arrange to send the file to Regional client who's going to have meeting with local client tomorrow morning.
Me: alright... (He can talk to me directly instead talking to A or P, at the end of the day I'm the one who will be doing it)

Incoming email:
We are preparing an animatic for brand B that Regional client will present in a meeting in Jakarta tomorrow morning (with local clients).
The animatic is still in progress and we need to do VO and music afterwards, so I think it will be very very late, say 12am or even later for me to upload the files to Express.
So can you please arrange a person to standby for this case? Sorry for any inconvenience.
Sender: President, International Clients, Greater China

Errr... 12 am? He gotta be kidding me... Alright I just download it from home then

Incoming text at my mobile:
Office Manager: I can't down load it from home, I'll come to office early in the morning.
Me: Ok, I'll meet you there.

To be continued....

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