Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slice of life of an advertising slave....

06.00 am, text in
Office manager: I'm at the office downloading the file, tried to download it from home but the net connection was so bad.

In my head: oh shot... I'm late, I'm the one who supposed to be there cos it's my brand.. damn medicine cough

06.03 am, text out
Me: sorry, I'll be there soon.

06.30 am, already on my way to the office.

07.00 am, arrived at the office. The security guy were asking me why I come so early..

07.15 am, incoming mail from Shanghai... The S himself thank us for taking care of this. Geez... that guy really is a morning person, or it goes along with the tittle :)

07.30 am, on my way to client's office to deliver the file.

07.35 am, incoming call. International call
The President, International Clients himself calls to make sure that we deliver on time.

08.00 am, arrived at client's office, save and sleepy :)

Really feel like I'm "important" person :))

Deliver the package by myself and guard it with my life.

Just another day as a slave.

After that, I pampered my self at the salon and back to office at around 10 am and I'm ready to sleep... zzzzz

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tere616.blogspot.com said...

Ecky, at least you can pamper yourself at the salon :-) have a nice day ...