Friday, February 29, 2008

He is, he is not...

There is one new Aussie man in our office, and all of my colleagues are very eager to know his sexual orientation... whether he likes woman or he prefer to be with man.

I know, we're not supposed to act like that but we can't help it as we spotted some of evidences:
1) He's too decent for Aussie, sorry Aussie folk but it's true.. My colleague who studied in Melbourne thought the same way. I've met Sam's mates and my previous boss was Aussie too, and they all look... Aussie :))

2) The office manager found big sophisticated hair dryer at his place. Note, he has short hair, not long nor curly. Why would he need that kind of hair dryer to set his hair?

3) He likes to wear pink shirt. Asked some of Sam's male friends last night about pink shirt, and they said they wouldn't wear pink shirt, but then again they are working in government section not in advertising. Coz I know that some of my male's colleague from the previous office wore pink T-shirt and shirt. So, maybe this pink thing is not valid since we're working in creative area.

4) My MD told me yesterday that on the lunch meeting he saw his body language like gay one, the hands movement when he appoints at something.

But he also made statement at one point that back home he and his (ex) girlfriend usually cook by them selves as they don't have maid.

And Sam & I was thinking maybe he's just metro-sexual kind of guy: neat, really pay attention to his appearance and made efforts to look good.

Anyhow, since we're going to take him out next weekend maybe we could observe more about him, if his eyes are glittering when he sees beautiful women around then he's definitely straight but..... if his eyes are glooming like a bulb around Sam & Will then I should be careful that he might steal my boyfriend :))

Is it polite to ask one's sexual orientation?

Will one be offended with that question?

Or I should just leave it, as it's not my business?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ecky,
I believe that one's sexual orientation (as well as religion, or some other personal preference) is not a proper subject to discuss, or even to query. So, I'd highly recommend you to not ask him his orientation, I guess he'd one or any other way tell you and even so, that should not matter at all.
If, he is into your dear Sam, you just need to buckle up like if there's a hot girl eyeing on and flirting with him. Don't you?

Enjoy your weekend, girl!

Unknown said...

@ Silverlines: Yes you are right, I should ask him that. Let it be his secret and I just bite my tongue every time I want to spill that question :)

Have a great weekend to you too

Anonymous said...

Well, big deal. Metro, gay, hetero or whatever. It does not matter as long as the guy is good company.

But if it really keeps the minds of the girls busy, just ask. It's a bit rude to ask of course. But gossiping behind his back is worse, I guess.

PS: 1 in 10 ( depending on the definition even 1 in 7) of all of us has a same sex orientation. For one reason or another creative jobs seem to attract them.

Unknown said...


So many stereotypes in the one post.

You know, not all Aussies are beer swilling yobos right. He's too decent to be an Aussie, I have to laugh at that.

Being gay....I'm not gay far from it, but here is a list of "Gayish
" things I have done. LOL

1 Had coloured streaks in my hair
2 Used a hair dryer
3 Had a facial
4 Owned a pink shirt
5 Still own several pink ties
6 Own a grey pin stripe suit Yes with a pink stripe
7 Washed and ironed my own clothes (not to many of us have maids in Aust)
8 Love to cook (Also love to eat)
9 Don't drink beer
10 Drink good wine and spirits
11 Don't live in a pigsty (messy,dirty house)
12 Try to present myself well, by taking pride in my appearance
13 Never owned a V8 engined car
14 Danced with a man
15 Use and expect good manners
16 Show respect to women
17 Actually show respect to everyone
18 Take dancing lessons (so I can dance with beautiful women)
19 Appreciate antiques and fine art
20 Many more I'm sure

Hey!! all of this and not Gay, just ask Fav Girl.

I beg to differ with Silverlines, you can ask, we Aussies are very direct, I'm sure he won't be offended if done discreetly and not in an open forum. Just casually ask about his GF, if he say no GF, say BF? this should let you know, if not just ask if he's gay.

Why do you need to be careful with Sam?? Surely he's not gay.


Elyani said...


I am big fan of Gordon Ramsay, a celebrity chef who is famous with his "Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare." He is rude, arrogant and a bully, but the man is a genius. Does possessing an ability to cook make a man less masculine? In my opinion, the answer is no. Also, unless you are very rich, I don't think you can afford to employ "a maid" to cook for you when you live in Australia, Europe, USA.

I think inquiring someone sexual orientation is the intrusion on privacy. You wouldn’t ask your Aussie friend what they do in the bedroom, would you?

Finally Woken said...

What do you mean they look Aussie? Obviously they're not from Oxford Street Sydney...:P.

I agree with Silverlines. Sexual orientation is no one's business and it's considered an offense to ask the question. Just like religion, marital status, how much money you make, how many children you have, what sort of disease you have, all questions Asians (or Indonesians) usually fire at other people.

Anonymous said...

hi Ecky, it's been a while after my last visit here. :-)
I'm with Silverlines, though it's such a big hidden curiosity left behind, I suppose better not ask.
It's sensitive question, hehe.. Have a great weekend! said...

Ecky, please don't ask him of his sexual orientation. I know it's tempting, but please ...not this one :-)

Have a nice week end

Jennifer said...

hi girl! i've been reading but not commenting ~ sorry. things have been crazy.
i think this post is rather funny. i think it is so cute how you guys got all these "clues" about your work mate. lol
i think it is too personal of a question to ask him, but it will probably come out sooner or later. maybe he is bi?? you never know. or metro seems possible, and even so he could be straight and has a girlfriend or a female friend, or sister or something like this that directs him through wardrobe and styling. lol :) or he could be gay. either way i'm sure you don't care, just trying to figure it all out b/c he is new. ;)
have a great weekend. xooxox jenn

PS i love the jimmy is fu*k!^g ben thing!! very cute!! :0)

-Fitri Mohan- said...

that's normal to be curious for having seen "some strange things", but when it comes to sexual preference, i always keep the question mark to myself. :)