Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wake up at 9.30am

Conversation 1: oh shit.. I have to work at 11am... I want to go back to sleep...zzz

Conversation 2: uhm.. not so bad hang over, wake up.. You're going to be late

Conversation 1: why do I have to work on Sunday, why?....I want to be lazy today

Conversation 2: that's because you are working as advertising slave, accept that.

Conversation 1: yeah, I think you are right, ok I'll go get ready

Conversation happening in my mind

Arrived at DB System at 11am

Me: where's the copywriter?

Producer: She's on her way

Me: I thought the schedule is at 11am?

Producer: yup

Me: errrrr..... Open Shopaholic & Baby and start to read, and thinking I should take my time this morning and not in rush to get here.

Producer: ok.. shall we start while waiting for the copy writer?

Me: sure...


Short story, my work finished at 7 pm... so tired.. a bit of hang over from last night and I feel cold because the studio was so damn cold.. uhm... I can feel my throat is itchy... oh no.. I'm about to get cough... bad news

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