Monday, January 28, 2008

10 Holiday Gifts That Could Ruin a Romance

I search around Yahoo and other sites what they should avoid giving to girlfriends or boyfriends. Here's what I got in summary.

Gift to avoid #1: Unless you are planning on proposing, avoid gifting jewelry, especially a ring, as that perceived level of commitment may intimidate your sweetheart.

Gift to avoid #2: While a ring may be considered overboard, anything impersonal, such as a kitchen appliance or gift card can be construed as thoughtless or insincere.

Gift to avoid #3: Avoid gifting lingerie for your first holidays together. It may be considered too intimate and send the wrong message.

Gift to avoid #4: Gifting something selfish, such as sporting event tickets when you know your significant other isn't a sports fan, can relay that you may be more focused on your own interests than that of the person you are getting the gift for.

Lump-of-coal award winner: The boyfriend who bought his girlfriend a Wii. Turns out that she wasn't a gamer, he just needed a place to put the Wii because he already had an Xbox and Playstation 3 at his house.

Gift to avoid #5: Work-related items that promote efficiency at the office should generally be avoided. Why bring up "work" during the holidays, which is a time for relaxation.

Gift to avoid #6: Clothing may be offensive, especially if you aren't sure about what size to purchase.

Gift to avoid #7: Animals as presents are generally bad ideas unless you know the person very well. Pets are huge commitments and way too serious for a "first holiday" together.

Lump-of-coal award winner: The boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a rabbit that died the next day.

Lump of irony award winner: The boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a puppy. The puppy required so much time and attention that the girl didn't have any time left over for the boyfriend.

Gift to avoid #8: Re-gifting is never a good idea, especially if it's a gift from a past relationship.

Gift to avoid #9: Forget cliches, such as boxes of chocolates or flowers. They show little thought or effort.

Gift to avoid #10: Avoid gifts that may suggest that your significant other needs to change something about himself/herself, such as exercise clothes or gym equipment, which may say that he/she doesn't look good enough as he/she is.

Hope the tips can help you, for me... I'm just getting confused what to buy for Sam's birthday in April :)


Elyani said...

Ecky, give him a kiss :) Am sure he will appreciate that. As for me, I would prefer kitchen utensils, a puppy and a soccer ticket to watch Manchester United in Old Trafford than a jewelry. The bling things are not my things :)

Anonymous said...

That is a good list.

I agree with Elyani, a kiss would be perfect.

Lainy said...

hey ecky, thank u so much for the drop... Ive been a member at blog 365 long before its members grew to 1000. I want to put the banner in my page. How do i do it?

Finally Woken said...

Just noticed that you gradually change the way to call him, from "my baby", "my boyfriend", SU, and now Sam....:)

Miss Lai Lai said...

I still like getting I don't think it's a thoughtless gift. =)

My fave gift is A Hug =) . hehe
as for your Sam - get him something for his hobby ..;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, give him a kiss. Cheap and easy. I personally won't mind any of the above. A gift is a gift. :) Always welcomed open handedly. Even the sucky ones.

Momisodes said...

LOL! Okay,..I have to boyfriends have given me most of the stuff on this list!!! I know...and I hated them all too :( I've receive 1,2,3,6,7 (but a kitten- and I'm allergic), and #9 my hubby is always doing!

Oh I'm sure Sam would love anything you give. how about a nice romantic evening at a restaurant and something for his hobby? good luck!

Anonymous said...

how about a home made gift?? or even a card!

Unknown said...

Elyani, Veronica & Andie: I would love to give him a kiss, but I bet he would be more happier if I give him something else along with the kiss :))

Scotty's Princess: Actually there is a badge in blog ning home that you can copy and paste to your blog template. Many choices you can pick, let me know if you can't do it and I will gladly help you.

Finally Woken: yeah, I have so many names for him. I use Sam here just to give clear context about who is he, if I use "my baby" I'm afraid people will think about my child ;)

Miss Lai Lai: Actually he wants Nintento Wii, but he already has PS2, isn't it the same thing? Games will be games ;)

Sandy & Mrs Mogul: Good idea of give something for his hobby and home made gift.

Thanks a lot guys, you all rock!