Thursday, January 17, 2008

7 things I approve....

GJ tagged me...

First I thought, ah it's a piece of cake but then... ehm it's not easy at all

But anyway, lets give this a go...

7 things I approve....

1. High Fidelity. I'm sick of infidelity around me, people should respect their commitment.

2. Coffee. Although I often order tea when I dine in, but I love how coffee can boost my energy and swipe away the zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Flat White and Caramel Machiato are my favorite Starbucks coffee.

3. Spicy Food. Love it love it love it. I added chili to all my foods, except dessert though

4. Good sparkling/ bubbles/ champagne/ white wine. Once, I drink up 1.5 bottle of Bubbles/sparkling/champagne and another occasion I finish up 1 bottle of white wine.

5. Internet - blog. Through this virtual world I have a chance to meet great people like you who stopped by at my blog

6. Friendship & Love. Among other things in this world, you still need these two things in order to balance your life.

7. Bali. Never get enough of this island of God

There you go, I've said it all...

Now, I want to tag 8 of my friends:
1. Anita
2. Andie Summerkiss
3. Adit
4. Elyani
5. Tere
6. Wenni
7. Wita
8. Melly


Unknown said...

Great stuff Ecky
1 I like, ilike a lot!!!
2 Don't know never drink it
3 yes yes yes
4 1,5 bottles you need much more practise girl LOL
5 thats why we do it, little bit of us for everyone
6 naturally
7 just got back............planning already started.

Thanks GJ

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Bali is the enxt place on the list of PLACES I'M GOING that I really need to visit.....sigh

Finally Woken said...

30 minutes before heading off to airport, in between my activities of sipping red wine and chatting to friends in Cazbar I still have time to think about 7 things I approve of (although I take them as somethings 'unpleasant' but I put up with them anyway), like:

1) Boybands & girlbands comeback (Take That, Spicy Girl, and allegedly Boyzone, oh noo!)

2) Expensive taste in bags, shoes, food, or anything. I worked hard. I earned it. I deserve it.

3) Stay in on Fridays, rather than going out partying and drinking.

4) Fake friendships. You know the kind, when you go to social functions, see or know these people, exchange air-kisses, and that's it.

5) Prefer Indomie Goreng rather than fancy food from time to time. It was funny, during our bus trip to Mekong River, there were 2 guys who were very fussy about what they eat. They basically don't eat anything except fruit, veggies, and perhaps chicken. But suddenly they were talking about how good Indomie Goreng is. And both are Dutch! And I just my last one today (difficult to find it in Scotland)....

6) Flipping every single page in newspaper only to be interested in the gossip about David Beckham's 25ft... errr, equipment, which is now Dictoria!!

7) Being feisty. Although it gets back at me, sometimes (read here to see what I mean)

There you go. Must be off now, taxi is waiting. See you in June! xx

Elyani said...

Ecky, number 4 is highly estrogenic for me. I will be in agony within an hour if I try to indulge on boosts. Coffee is not as bad but not more than a cup and it has to be very light. The correlation between estrogenic things and severe pain is so clear cut for me that I have to completely avoid it. You're so lucky you don't have that problem :)

Anonymous said...

Infidelity: Looking at my situation, I'm not sure how to do this. I'm yet to have the commitment (a.k.a jomblo). Infidelity can be interesting or it can be challenging. Until then, I keep this open hihihihi...

Anonymous said...

I know, I know. It's none of my business. But to come back to 1,5 bottle of whine. Or was it even Champagne?

Did you really drink it on your own? Of course it all depends on how long it took before you empty one and a half bottle = 1,5 x 0.7 liter is over 1 liter of 12% (?). I
guess it took you less then four hours.

I can't but wondering:
- did you end up in a coma?
- was someone there to carry you of to...
to your bed or
to the hospital

Well, Scots know how to drink. But, eh, this is really amazing.

Vous ĂȘtes une femme formidable sans doute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tag! You have no idea how happy I am. I am seriously running out of things to say ... :)

Anonymous said...

I am done with my tag. Check it out when you have time. Thanks heaps for it!