Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ozzy slang # 1

I'm reading this book and here are some slang that I found interesting:

Bee's dick
A very small amount or distance. Thorpey beat Michael Phelps by a bee's dick

Bite your bum
An injunction to somebody to get lost

The telephone

A stranger in town

Bob's your uncle
Everything's okay, problem solved, job done

Boil the billy
Make a pot of tea, not necessarily with a billy

Bonza, bonzer
Good, excellent

Bum floss
G-string (thong) underpants. Also anal floss

Used at the end of a sentence with the sense of 'however'

Useless, ruined. I'm cactus after that big night out


Bush call or greeting to someone. Also a reference to distance between people in the bush. There are no pubs within cooee

Cop Shop
Police station

Bottom, buttocks, anus

Drink with the flies
Drink alone

A stupid person

Drop your guts

To be continued


Anonymous said...

When I was in Australia, I experienced some problems communicating with them because of the slangs that they used.

If only I had this book... :D

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of my childhood experience in Melbourne years ago. Even kids use slangs at school. I actually hear the "drongo" word in grade 6, then "bum floss" for the first time when I was in year 7.

But then, those two slangs are all i know :p

Unknown said...

Adit & Ichi: Keep coming to my blog, because I will post some interesting slangs from the book. Interesting means why the hell they came up with that word :))

Anonymous said...

wow...can't imagine if I don't understand that slang language...and talk with people hehe...thanks for the knowledge :)

Anonymous said...

No wonder I didn't fit in well when I was at school ...

Unknown said...

Hey Ecky,

Doesn't sound so strange to me!!!
Maybe 'cause I'm a "blow-in" in your town.