Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Idol, Americans Dream...

American Idol season 7 just begun couple of weeks ago. The audition has started in many cities in the USA and I would say the auditions tape is best medicine for my mood swing thanks to PMS!.

I do understand people will follow their dreams because without dreams you will not be able to move forward, and dreams give you reasons to do your best at whatever you're good at and pursue your dreams is a good reason to live your life until you have achieved it.

I do notice that people who made it to Hollywood are "normal" ones. They know the judges will acknowledge their talent not their silly outfit. But I really admire their self esteem, they have strong will in pursuing their dreams to be the next American Idol, even though the outcome didn't come out well.

By far, Renaldo Lapuz's audition tape is my fave. He loves Simon Cowell and he created a song for him "I am your brother". I'm sure he will be next William Hung :)

Check out "I am your brother" song here:

Happy Thursday people.


Jennifer said...

ecky..!!! i honestly thought this guy was great!! he wasn't a horrible singer, and he was so nice and kind and the song he wrote was from his heart.
thanks for sharing the video. i saw the original, but loved to watch it again. i liked that randy & paula were dancing & singing! simon even sang a little too. :)
have a good day!
hugs, jenn
ps thanks for the email. my hubby has done the sling shot thing before. i would never!! bali seems so beautiful!! maybe one day i will get to go.

Anonymous said...

I love that guy so much. He is so original. Definitely not Idol-material. But he is something!