Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday brunch

Just got back from Sunday brunch at Ritz Carlton, maybe I'm too drunk (4 hours lunch with non stop sparkling wine) to write but I think I still have clear head to analyse what's going on down there.

There is one girl whose sit in between 2 men, and we got confusion to guess whose she's with coz none of the men are introduced us to her.

And along the way we kinda noticed that she's trying to divide her attention to this guys, and every time she touches guy on her right side the guy on her left side tries not to look to them and make conversation to us so none of us would notice what's going on.

Stuart (Anita's husband) made comment about competition going on between these 2 guys but none of them are made any comment about it and they are trying their best to switch topic.

Anita and I couldn't stand to gossip about what's going on in front of our eyes so we exchange SMS to discuss about this situation, coz none of the guys are made any comments whose she's with.

Maybe she flattered (coz who ever asked her to join the brunch) was willing to introduce her to his other friends.

So my question will be like this, is that true when a guy is ready to introduce the girl he's dating to his friends that means he's ready for the next step with her?

Well, I guess this question more suits to the men, but could works the same thing with woman though. When a woman/girl is ready to introduce someone she's dating to her friends that means she's ready for the next step with the guy?

Or who ever asked her to come along just don't think any of that, maybe he just thinks that would be nice to ask someone new to the group so he won't be the only guy with partner?

Would be happy to get your opinion on that matter, feel free to write your comments :)


F.R.E.D.Y said...

Wah early morning u're drunk!! Salute! hehe... No comment abt the chick! hehe..

Anonymous said...

Eh, okay, the C.Ritz. Reminds me: "The diamond as big as the Ritz". That was Scott Fitzgerald, way back in '22. About the same time I invited girls to brunches. Well, not brunches actually. No brunches in those days. But we had supper for sure. Mainly to show of. Not the supper of course- the girl. At supper. Usually slightly tipsy, but always behaving like a gentleman. No, not her. Me.

So, what was your question?

Anonymous said...

She's simply lucky.
With or without introduction, if you know what I mean ... ;-)

Anyway, normally guys have this "thing" about introduction while women usually need more recognition through introduction. But I don't personally believe it is an indicator of seriousness.
It could be one, but not a sole indicator.

Finally Woken said...

My dear, 4 hours was nothing compares to what we went through afterwards. After 4 hours nonstop champagne at Ritz-Carlton, we went to Eastern Promise and finished at 10PM. That's 10 hours in total! PS: No comment about those two guys as both are my darling friends (*wink).

Anonymous said...

Dear Ecky,

I'm so disappointed, you didn't say hello, as I was at the same brunch. No bubbles for me just white wine this time.
PS Why is it called brunch when it starts @ 12noon. I thought Brunch was between breakfast and lunch????? It is still a great way to spend a sunday especially with friends.

Unknown said...

GJ: sorry I didn't recognize you, coz I bet you look so much different from this photos (wearing red t-shirt) :)).

We should say hello ya next time.

I have same question about the term brunch, 12 noon indeed is lunch time. Once we went to four seasons for Sunday Brunch at 10.30 (coz brunch should be in between breakfast and lunch, no?) but they said the brunch start at 11.30 am, so we had breakfast buffet instead lol.