Monday, January 21, 2008

Enough is enough

Just wondering how many malls that Jakarta needs?

I think we have enough mall here, especially if they sell and offer the same thing as others.

What we need here is a good park like in NY Central Park, so we have other place to go on the weekend and enjoying the day.

Mall-ing is pretty big thing here in Jakarta, almost in every corner you will see a new mall in development.

I know Jakarta is a big city, but is it big enough to handle mall in every 100 metres around the town?

The new Governor should really think of a better plan for this city, otherwise this city will be a village of malls and high building. No wonder if flood still become regular event every time rainy season comes.

Enough is enough, we need better place for our next generation. I don't want my kids to be mall rats in the future, I want them to have better place to go. I always see people taking their little baby (3 months old) to the mall, c'mon people mall is not a safe place for your baby, they could contact with germs and viruses from malls and people in the mall.

I admit it, I do like to go to the mall, for window shopping, real shopping, hang out with friends in one of the coffee club in mall or event a meeting point before we go somewhere else, but still I don't need so many malls like this.

In Sudirman and Senayan area, there are 8 malls: Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, ITC Senayan, Ratu Plaza, Sudirman Place (under development, opposite of Plaza Abda), Pacific Place, Auto Mall, Plaza Semanggi.

Do we still need more malls?

I don't think so.

We should leave something meaningful and important to our next generation, important enough rather than 100 malls.


Anonymous said...

Yup ... Same here :(

Anonymous said...


If no one went, no one would build them!!! Supply and Demand at work.
Sad though parks and fresh air would be real nice.


Elyani said...

Ecky, you're right! Jakarta is too congested with malls now. Many of them are unoccupied and yet that does not stop the authorities to give the permits for building more.