Friday, January 11, 2008

Jaya Pub

Above photo was taken at Jaya Pub, the eldest (correct me if I'm wrong) pub in Jakarta. For your information, that woman is Rima Melati, famous Indonesian in the 70s (sorry folk, can't find any English article about her).

They keep the retro feel and vintage interior design, not much changes since the seventies.

The music is rock n roll, sometimes I don't recognize the song. Maybe because I'm too young for that era or simply because I don't know rock musics :).
For me the music is too loud, we can't make any proper conversation there, sometimes we have to yell and scream so people can hear what we're saying.

I heard the food is good, but I haven't tried it though.

The environment, well it's kinda mix up crowd. You will find some old expatriates hang out there but you will also find young expats and not many of Indonesian.

So if you want to experience the authentic pub from 70s, you might want to come to Jaya Pub
and you might enjoy the intriguing quotes surround its decoration.

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