Friday, January 04, 2008

Virtually real

One of my dear blogger friend has decided to go offline, meaning she won't post anything on her blog starting today, instead she will write on her offline journal.

That is sad though, because I like her writings, her poems and her mushy thoughts.

I don't know her personally, but seems like I know her well through her writings. She said she needs a break from all of this internet drama(s).

Let's just hope that she will be back someday and feed us again with her beautiful and inspiring words on this blog.

There is another occasion when Anita told me that this blogger received an email threats from someone who didn't like what s/he wrote and then the next day s/he deleted her/his blog.

Made me thinking, could this blog thingy, the internet drama(s) of what so called virtual world suffocate our lives?

Does the virtual world really exist?

Or what we called virtual world now become real world?


Anonymous said...

I'm one of silver-lines' reader too, and it was sad to read her last blog.*hiks..

But i'm glad to know that you're with 365 blog, means that you're gonna write for the whole year.. everyday, rite??:D

Anonymous said...

That is really terrible news. I read it in a book once, BLOGGING (a series by TEACH YOURSELF) that I bought before I started blogging, one of the most important points is to stay anonymous.

Never share any personal details, place to leave, etc. It is quite hard not to write personal stuff, but we should be careful from now on.

annecantik said...

it is virtually real, otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to meet great gals like you (and Miund and Wenni) :-)

Anonymous said...

That is really sad to hear. Well, that threat would have sent by a person who doesn't respect others privacy;I mean if he didn't like that blog he should have simply skipped it.

Hope such things stop and make blogging a wonderful experience said...

Ecky, it happened to me. I wrote something then I've got a nasty email with anonymous name. Then next day, I delete my post. I couldn't stand with their comment.

The lesson learn, well, I have to be carefull when I express my personal feeling through my post.

For me, the virtual world really exist ....

Anonymous said...

You're right. It does. Marisa Duma is a proud blogger, but personally.. I have been freaking out.

Ah hell with the blogging politics, pop those champagne bottles, and cheer up, ladies! =P

Anyhow. Nice to know you, ecky.
Found your site at Andie's and Indonesia Matter.
..and Happy Belated New Year 2008!

Anonymous said...

When it starts crossing over personal lives, albeit the effort to stay anonymous, there we need to do some reality check.

Alas, I have not thought of anything better than closing down the shop at the moment. So there it goes, vanishes.

Molly said...

It really is too bad that some people can't feel comfortable writing in their blogs... I forever live in fear that my students will find mine (they did once, but I came back and started a new one), but I suppose we just have to write about things we wouldn't mind anyone reading... which is why I gave my blog address to my mother and mother-in-law. :) They can keep me in check.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ecky,

There seems to be a thing with alot of Indonesia bloggers that they must use their own names. I don't understand this, sometimes I'm sure you don't want your virtual and real life to collide.
Please remember just because someone is online doesn't make them a good person. Just like in everyday life we should always trust the stranger. A picture and a workplace means even a blind donkey can find you.
Also if too many people know who you are that can cause a form of censorship that stops your real writing.
Jakarta can be a small village, we even brunched at the same place a week ago. I know you, but not you me, well yet. If someone wants to, I can be tracked and I'm careful. I'm also male so the risk is much lower. I'm sad for your friend but she can still journal, but now its private.
A word of warning